Thursday, December 10, 2015

Real Or Fake?

So you've found that bag you have been lusting after for a while. You were quite hesitant at first because you found it somewhere where fakes aren't uncommon but now you've taken the plunge. You're buying! What should you do?

Pay by Paypal Goods and Services
Paypal protects you for up to 180 days after purchase against the case that an item is not received or not matching its description, e.g. not genuine. I know that Paypal generally tend to come down hard on fakes but I have not had any experience if you were to buy something that was described as "in the style of", so do make sure you read the description carefully or get the seller to confirm first. If a bag is advertised as Mulberry then it has to be a Mulberry. 

Get your bag authenticated
Whilst you can turn to the Purseforum, your knowledgeable friends or various Facebook groups for help on whether a bag is genuine, you will want a professional's judgement once you hold it in your hands. Even if you had the bag authenticated prior to purchase, always take your own pictures and have it authenticated again.

There are a number of paid authentication services available online, all you have to do is type "designer handbag authentication" into google. 

I have always used authenticate4u: they are straightforward, quick to reply and at £5 for a Mulberry authentication, provide great value for money. Lesley will be happy to answer any questions, should you need help and she also runs the Facebook selling group Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Hermes etc., Buy and Sell as she knows a thing or two about designer handbags. A4U also offer a sourcing service for that impossible to find dream bag.

All you have to do is click on Payment, add the authentication service to the cart and then pay either via Paypal or a debit or credit card. You then simply email all the required photos to and quote your Paypal reference number. 

For Mulberry bags ensure you send pictures showing the following:

Front of bag

Mulberry Alexa in Red Polished Buffalo

Mulberry imprint, front and back of Mulberry fob
Mulberry imprint, front and back of Mulberry fob

Back of fob

Front and back of made in label 

Back of Mulberry Made In Tag

Front of made in label
Do make sure your pictures are well lit and straight on.

Once you've sent off the pictures, you should typically receive a reply within two days, it can take longer during busy times but I also had replies within a couple of hours. You will be supplied with a pdf document that certifies the bag's authenticity - or fake-ness. This will come in handy if you ever want to sell your bag on or, in case of non-authenticity, you need to raise a Paypal claim.

So there you have it: no reason not to buy that bag - go for it! 

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