Thursday, July 28, 2016

For Work and Pokemon Hunting

So Pokemon Go really sucks your iPhone battery dry. Yep. We're playing Pokemon Go. Little M loves it and whilst we go on monster hunts together when we can, I also pick them up on my way to work. (Can't believe how well he remembers them, pointing out all the new ones to me every evening!) 

Anyway. Back to the fact that my phone needs constant re-charging whilst we're out and about. You might remember that I pondered over power purses from Knomo in September. 

Reduced to just £59.50, this Bond pouch is a bit of a bargain, considering it's real leather, fully lined and includes the power pack.
Knomo Bond Power Purse
So I bought it a few weeks ago. Way before I never even thought of Pokemon. It just fits so nicely even in my smaller bags (here in my Mulberry Small Del Rey) that it's the perfect work companion.

Knomo Bond purse andMulberry Small Del Rey

And now I finally got around to do a quick video to show how I'm using it (apart from re-charging my phone during extensive Pokemon hunts).

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