Monday, September 21, 2015

A Bit of Power from Knomo

I have been a fan of Knomo for quite some time. Most of my laptop bags have been Knomo bags and when my most used one broke, I had it fixed and am using it again.

These days though, I have gotten into the habit of carrying a "normal" handbag and then having my laptop in a separate sleeve (yes, that one is also a Knomo). A full laptop bag usually comes into force when I fly and I am already carrying a pushchair and little M's bag - another two for me would probably just kill me.

Anyway, my point is really that I hadn't browsed the Knomo site for a while as I simply didn't have the need to shop for a new laptop bag.

- And yet I am writing a covet post? Yep. It just so happened that Knomo have now brought out something that I really want: Powered bags. Using an iPhone6 (and with "using", I mean constantly being on it) means I have more than once experienced the dreaded "10% battery charge left" message. For my day to day life, I can usually be organised enough to charge it before I get to that. However, flying with little M really brings the need of having a fully functioning phone up a notch. If you have ever traveled with a toddler you will know what I mean and my iPhone is a crutch I am clinging onto rather gratefully.

Anyway, bags or purses with integrated power packs aren't anything new but the ones I had seen before just seemed purely functional, not very stylish and not really something I coveted before. The idea of combining a pretty yet functional zipped purse with a battery pack that extends my phone's life is really appealing to me and Knomo is offering three that I am considering:

Bond Charge Purse £119

Full grain leather available in 5 colours, I love the grey leather with pink power pack. Essentially a zippered pouch that will hold your phone and a few bits and bobs.
Bond Purse

Dering Charging Power Purse £99

Similar to the Bond purse but made from stain protected fabric and trimmed with leather. Also 5 colour options. However, whereas the Bond purse features just one section, this one has two. Not huge though, so you'd just fit your phone and a few small bits and bobs.
Dering Pouch

Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag £249

Quite a bit of a hike in price, this isn't just a zippered purse. This is a fully-grown clutch bag, that opens up to reveal a number of sections and pockets where you can store not just your phone and heaphones etc but also your iPad, pens, money, credit cards and so on. It also comes with a long strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder or even cross body, so actually really good for traveling.

So all I need to do now is decide, which one I want... hm...


  1. Hey Stef,
    Really great to see you're loving our range of powered clutches and purses!
    If you get your hands on one - please do let us know how you find it!

    1. Thanks Franco - if I ever manage to decide I will do! :)

  2. I'm not familiar with Knomo, but these bags are an impressive blend of style and functionality. Bag with battery packs actually are new to me, and I like that these let you recharge and organize that ugly mess and tangle of cords. Thanks for the introduction!

    <3 Liz

    1. Yes, I remember coming across Knomo for the first time a few years ago and marveling at the fact that there was a laptop bag that was pretty, functional and affordable! :) I just can't decide between Bond and Dering... lol
      Thanks for your feedback! :)

  3. Love those charging purses, will have to check them out!



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