Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Veggie Mulberry?! Almost...

I love my Mulberrys* mainly because of their leather. Sometimes supple and soft, sometimes full of texture and structured. The bags do come with a health warning though (usually in form of a pretty, white printed care card): with some you will want to avoid rain, with others you will be worried about cracking and then others again, you will have nightmares about colour transfer.

Enter the one of the few fabric bags Mulberry have produced: from the Rosie range, the Rosie Satchel seems like a great little holiday bag... let's have a look...

This one is in Mini Leopard Foxglove Pink Quilt

Width 25cm, Height 15cm, Depth 7cm
Handle drop from approx 54cm to 64cm
1 main pocket, 1 small outside zip pocket

*This does my head in: 1 Mulberry, 2 Mulberries?! Surely not. Mulberrys it is then. But that just looks wrong.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not So Boxy Bayswater

Whereas I am still on the fence on whether I prefer my Alexa a bit more slouchy, i.e. without an insert that gives the bag structure, I definitely want a big workbag such as my Heritage Bayswater, to be fairly boxy. If I carry any documents, I wouldn't want them to get crumpled and I'd probably expect to be able to slide in a laptop without having to uncrumple the bag first.

So far, I haven't owned a standard Baywater (yet) but from what I know, the Heritage Bayswaters are much more slouchy. I therefore ordered a standard Bayswater-sized Samorga insert (the colour is dune by the way), which fitted quite well into my Fudge Heritage Bayswater and achieved the desired boxy shape as well as gaining useful compartments inside the bag, which help to organise its contents.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tradition or Heritage?

I always loved Mulberry's traditional Bayswater: great size (holds A4 or something laptop-sized), a style that allows you to dress up or down and a great choice of leathers and finishes. However, I am hopelessly addicted to wearing my bags cross-body and just was never sure enough I'd cope with the Bays' handles that may or may not work for me on the shoulder. Carrying a bag like that for my work commute (or any amount of time) in the crook of my arm, was not an option.

I therefore had a bit of an epiphany when I discovered the Heritage Bayswater: A classic Bayswater, all be it in a softer, slouchier leather, with a long strap attached - long enough to carry the bag cross-body! A real shame that this was just produced and sold for a short time, I believe somewhere around SS/AW12 but worth seeking out if these features excite you as much as they do me!

 Photo courtesy of Z.Collyer

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

In With the Old...

I have really enjoyed finding out about which Mulberry styles suit me more and which less, what makes them different to each other, how to best use them and the different leathers. This has been mainly across fairly recent styles but with Mulberry having been founded in 1971, there is a whole back-catalogue of styles to enjoy. I happened to have four different (some more some less) vintage around and I just did a quick show and tell on these... hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Once More With Feeling - Del Rey the Second

Just a bit more information about the Mulberry del Rey.

This one is the regular size, slate blue with nickel hardware.

Width 35cm, Height 25cm, Depth 16cm
Handle drop 12cm
1 inside zip pocket, 1 inside slip pocket.
1 outside pocket (underneath postman's lock)

Friday, May 01, 2015

Sometimes Size does Matter...

So I had been after a regular Mulberry del Rey for a while. I had purchased a small one and though I wasn't sure about the colour/leather, I adored the style. I knew I'd want to get a small one again but in a different leather and also a regular sized one. The small one hasn't materialized yet (and I am still dithering about which colour to chose) but I came across a regular one in slate blue one and snapped it up.

The day of the delivery arrived and I received a rather large box. The clue should have really been that. Yet I was still surprised at how big the bag that emerged was. 

Now, this is where I will normally just put a carefully styled still-life picture of the bag in question (thank god for our nice fireplace) but since my point is the size of the bag, I will accompany this with a quick mod shot.

 So anyway, what could I possibly do with a big handbag...?

P.S.: Yes, I would bring more knickers. I planned this video in about 2 minutes!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strap-Less? No Longer! How My Knomo Got Fixed

I know this blog has quickly turned into a bit of a Mulberry love-fest but I do have other bags, honestly.

One of my favourite brands for laptop bags has to be Knomo and I think I must have at least 7 of their pieces: 3 laptop bags, 2 sleeves, 2 small suitcases.  I love their well thought out detailing when it comes to keeping your laptop safe, yet keeping the bags lightweight and nice looking. 

I had been using one of them as my daily work bag when one day, on a business trip to London, I got caught in the tube-doors (I know...) and the already fragile strap broke. Needless to say I was not only pained, having to carry the bag with one handle all day, but also gutted to having broken my most used bag. I ended up shoving the bag into a corner of my wardrobe and forgetting about it until recently when I had a big tidy. I contacted Knomo but unfortunately got no reply to my request whether this could be fixed. And then I remembered somebody mention www.lincsrepair.co.uk, a guy who fixed all kinds of handbags and leather goods. So I popped him an email with the same pictures I had sent to Knomo:

Alan got back to me within a few hours with a quote and the suggestion to replace both straps to ensure both straps look the same. I sent the bag off and he then kept me up to date with what he was doing...

 ...and then a few days after that... tadaaaa...

So I can only recommend Alan at Lincs Repair. Have a look at his website for some case studies on what he can do, or rather what he has done to some LVs, Givenchy and Gucci bags.
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