Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gute Vorsaetze fuer's neue Jahr

That's German and means as much as "good resolutions for the new year".

Maybe mine should be to improve my English.

Every time I have been at home for a bit I come back sounding more and more like a foreigner - which of course I am. So there.

I had a lovely time at home although some of it was spent being poorly in bed. Typical, isn't it? Working all the time, then having some time off - only to be sick...
Anyway, Christmas was the usual family get-together. Of course it is sad to see that every year the circle gets a bit smaller but I shouldn't complain since I had all my grandparents for a long time, much longer than many other people I know. Even my great-grandfather lived until I was about 12 years old.

So as I said: Christmas was all Christmas tree, cookies, music (dad playing the organ and my "little" brother playing the trumpet) and of course lots of food and pressies!

A few days later we even had a proper winter wonderland outside thanks to the 10+cms of snow, unfortunately that was gone within a couple of days.

For New Year's Eve I went to a restaurant/hotel with my family where we danced the night away. Well, how often do I get to see my dad a bit tipsy?! (the answer is "not very often" by the way!).

My birthday was a bit scary this time (big one with a "0") but probably the nicest I have had for years. I had my family and best friends around on the day and they spoiled me with lovely and thoughtful gifts. I think at some point I nearly cried... We had copious amounts of cake and for dinner we had raclette. After that we played "Who wants to be a millionaire" and generally just laughed a lot.

At the weekend we went out to my favourite club ever - the Schwimmbad (see below) and I got all silly and dancy. I got the DJ to play a few of my favourite songs and it was nice to finally introduce a friend of mine into the wonderful world of the SMC. I had been going on and on about it for years and kept annoying him by calling all sorts of songs played on the radio "Schwimmbad songs", so it was nice to prove that the mystical place actually exists.

Anyway, it was all lovely!

Resolutions for the new year then. Definitely to write more in here!
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