Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sweet Treat

So I went to Cheshire Oaks a while ago and spent quite a bit of time at the Mulberry Outlet store. Of course. I picked up a few items for some other lucky ladies but also treated myself with a bag I had been lusting over for quite some time!

Fancy taking a little peek?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

One Week of Summer

We had some proper summer weather last week - hence the proper summer outfits! (Can't believe that I'm writing this on a day when I've been wearing opaques again - last week might have been all the summer we got...)

Feels like summer! This dress is at least 6 years old (handy how little M's birth provides a point of reference) and I dig it out every year - though every year I then ponder on which necklace to wear with it and end up with none because I think it just doesn't go...
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Zara

Nothing particularly wrong with this outfit. But nothing great either. Meh. The top half needs something more punchy to stand a chance against the skirt... 
T-shirt: Warehouse 
Skirt and cardigan: Boden 
Necklace: Stella & Dot 
Trainers: Converse
Did you enjoy the summer weather yesterday? No tights! T-shirt! Pop of colour! I certainly did! Shame that you have to wrap up when going into an air conditioned office but the sunshine cheered me up enormously! 
T-shirt: & Other Stories 
Skirt: Zara 
Shoes: Kurt Geiger 
Necklace: Aarikka

It'll be hot, they said. It'll feel like summer, they said. Better put on something light, I thought. Out comes the dress that I can't wear with tights. Shame the office was air conditioned so much, we were all freezing... 
Dress: Vivienne Westwood 
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pretty Pastel Purse

Maybe you saw me unboxing a this Mulberry purse last week alongside a Small Bayswater Satchel and a bracelet and fancied having a closer look?

Mulberry Long Locked Purse in Aqua

Not just a lovely colour but lots of space inside - check it out!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Slow Start to Summer

Can you believe it's the summer solstice today?! This year just has been flying by! And besides that, it feels like summer is only just starting. 
Last week we had a couple of days, which I would actually describe as t-shirt weather! Let's see how long it lasts...

Boden floral print skirt, Mulberry Bayswater
It felt like summer yesterday. Time for a proper summer outfit with some florals. And a zesty bag! I am also still trying to decide which one(s) is going to go, so am determined to test drive loads of them and make a decision! 
Top: & Other Stories 
Skirt: Boden 
Shoes: Zara 
Necklace: Topshop 
Bag: Mulberry

Boden print pencil skirt, grey mark t-shirt, Stella and Dot necklace
It was warmer than I expected it to be yesterday. This outfit always cheers me up because I love greens and blues together! :) 
T-shirt: Topshop 
Skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Green jumper and full skirt
It still felt like jumper weather yesterday - and opaques. So I added a bit of colour! 
Jumper & boots: Zara 
Skirt: Rumour London at Wolf & Badger 
Necklace: Oliver Bonas

Zara midi skirt and denim shirt
I was running so late yesterday morning, that I didn't even have time to add a necklace to this outfit (which is becoming a bit of a staple combo). 
I didn't want to cheat in the evening when I took the pic and just add one... 
Shirt: La Redoute 
Skirt and boots: Zara
Belt: Reiss

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Mulberry Collection - June 2017 Snapshot

So I was having a bit of a tidy and also thinking about how many bags I have - and how many I actually need. I'm trying to decide which ones to move on and am finding it way harder than it should be. Their bags for goodness sake! This is not Sophie's Choice! 

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to decide soon and the collection won't look like it does right now for much longer 
- so I thought I'd give a quick peek!

Which one is your favourite? And what will I let go???

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Transitional Spring Dresses

Last week felt rather autumnal and I quickly moved from sheer tights into opaques. Less separates than usual with 3 dresses in there and a bit of a mixed bag. My favourite is definitely that green Mango dress - though my clumsiness does not always work with the fluted sleeves...

Mango dress with fluted sleeves
Channeling my inner Robin Hood - or would that be Maid Marian...? (The colour of this dress is such a gorgeous green, unfortunately it's completely washed out on the detail pic.) Dress: Mango 
Boots: Marks and Spencer 
Necklace: Olia Jewellery

Grey marl sweater dress from Next
It doesn't feel like June, does it? Rainy and windy and chilly. A sweater dress for a bit of warmth and comfort. In June. *sigh* 
Dress: Next 
Boots: Marks and Spencer 
Necklace: I think it's from Accessorize

Boden retro print dress
Just a hint of red ;) I've had this Boden dress for years and the silk fabric has a few creases that simply won't come out but I love the pattern and thought it's time it got an outing! Dress: Boden 
Boots: Zara 
Necklace: Sainsbury's

Boden Richmond pencil skirt
Where's the summer?! Ok, I'd settle for spring. But this windy and rainy weather has more of October than June?! Back in my opaques for a bit of warmth, I'm attempting to cheer this outfit from autumn into spring... 
Top: Hallhuber 
Cardigan and skirt: Boden 
Boots: Zara 
Necklace: Aarikka

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Mulberry Does Summer

I'll dive right in: this gorgeous colour 'Aqua' from Mulberry is the perfect summer hue!

 I can just see this little Bayswater Satchel working with so many summer outfits - can't you?

Alas not mine, I was allowed to make quick video before packing these goodies up to go to their new home. Take a peek!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Late May in Boden

Whilst uploading last week's pictures I just realised that it was a very Boden week: a Boden piece for every day. Completely unintentionally but it just goes to show that they are often my go to outfits when I don't now what to wear.

Boden colour block dress
More colour! I normally don't do red at all and pink usually in a pastel shade but this dress makes them both work for me. Added bonus: the cleverly placed coloured panels define me almost non-existing waist! 
Dress: Boden 
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Boden Richmond skirt with pastel top
Sunny days always make me want to wear colour, especially pretty pastel ones. :) 
T-shirt: Warehouse 
Cardigan & skirt: Boden 
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Freedom at Topshop 

Boden sequin dress
Don't think the picture does this dress any justice but here we go... Haven't worn this dress in a about a year - maybe a bit sparkly for the office but who cares?! 
Dress: Boden 
Trainers: Converse

Boden print skirt with stripy top
I didn't feel like posting any outfits last week, think I have a couple still somewhere on my phone, so I will catch up with them first. I reverted to something tried and tested when it got warm: mixing stripes with this Boden pattern. 
Top: Sainsbury's 
Skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Marni for H&M

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Flying visit at Cheshire Oaks

Today might have been my most productive and, at the same time, unproductive visit at Cheshire Oaks. Productive because I picked up some goodies for other people and walked out with three (!) massive bags (oh, and a "little" something fore me). Unproductive because the whole process of sorting out the lovely ladies with their goodies didn't leave me much time for pictures - nevermind prices.

To top it off, I popped back in to answer a couple of price questions and little M (who had been so patient and good) promptly banged his head on the corner of a glass shelf. Queue tears and screams - and lots of guilty Mama cuddles! His head is fine, by the way. And we both discovered "Build a Bear".

Anyway, here it goes...

Tempted: Maple in burgundy
Surprised by: little purses on chains - hadn't seen them before (see last pic)
Bargain: Caras - Mini Quilted £495, Regular Oxblood Rivet £795!

Regular Rivet £695

Arundel Tote
various £350
Bayswater Double Zip Tote
Small Hibiscus £795, Scarlet £895

Blossom Tote
various £229

Mini Quilted £495
Regular Oxblood Rivet £795


Kite Tote
Regular £565
Small £485

Mini Aqua £199

Navy £695
Burgundy £625

Small Bayswater Satchel
Aqua, Fiery Spritz £590
Powder £680

Small Black £810

Aqua long locked purse £205
Locked bracelet £85

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Walk On The Wild Side

I am pretty rubbish at having proper days out with little M. At least, when I compare myself to some of my friends, who seem to be managing one fabulous outing after another with their kids. Anyway, sometimes I do get my act together and plan something a bit more elaborate than a visit at the local park - so this weekend I took little M to the Peak Wildlife Park.

After recently visiting Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari Park, which we both loved, this one looked much smaller. I chose a scenic route through bits of the Peak District and there was already lots to see on the way.  (Queue random shouts of "sheep!", "tractor!", "cows!", "rocks!" and so on.) The park is easy to find if you put their postcode into your satnav (ST13 7QR) and there is plenty of parking available.

The entrance area also houses the gift shop; tickets are £10.95 for adults and £8.95 for kids - under 2s are free. Nearby you will find toilets (with baby change), a family room, indoor softplay area and a cafe.

The park is laid out in 3 sections: the main area where you will find most of the animals, a central zone with the above mentioned facilities, food etc and a play and picnic area. Have a look at the map here.

We made our way into the main animal area and I immediately thought how nice and un-zoo-like it felt. Very little concrete and a meandering network of paths that lead around and through enclosures. All done in a way that minimises barriers allows you to see lots, e.g. you can easily see the penguins diving as well as hopping about in various areas. Lots of windows give insight into the otter and meerkat areas and so on.

You can wander through some of the enclosures, such as the wallabies', goats' (African Village) and Lemurs'. 

If you can convince your kid(s) to be slow and patient, some of these animals get really close and friendly and you can even pet the goats and wallabies when they don't have any young (there will be signs up when you're not allowed to). 

You can also walk right past the Humboldt penguin enclosure - which is just cordoned off by a rope. (I saw some Magellanic penguins in Argentina years ago and this enclosure really reminded me of that experience.)

The nature trail didn't feel like a zoo at all, just a meandering path through countryside with deer and wild birds. There are even a couple bird watching huts - though little M didn't have the patience to sit in there and wait.

All of the above meant that we spent way more time with the animals than I had planned. Little M just loved watching the animals, getting close, seeing them eat, stroking the goats etc.

We grabbed some lunch at the cafe. Their pizza is really nice (proper thin crust!) and makes a great change from the usual food on offer in zoos etc but I found it quite pricey. (Salami pizza was around £10.) Lovely picnic areas though, so I'll probably bring a packed lunch for our next visit.

After another wander through some of the areas we wanted to re-visit, we went over to the other side of the park, where you find the main play area. Before letting little M loose on the bouncy castle, we popped into the rabbit enclosure. Huge and soft and happy to be fed, little M loved them.

So after that, off we went to the play area: a big bouncy castle, nice set of slides and climbing frame and a sand pit - which he loved. A little kiosk nearby provides cold drinks and ice cream.

We probably spent about an hour there and I pretty much had to drag him away in the end. The obligatory visit at the gift shop (yes, you have to pass through this when you come and leave) and we were on our way home.

Will we go back? Yes, definitely!

Top Tips/things to remember:
  • Try and catch the the feeds and talks: really informative and good fun to watch the animals getting excited. We missed it but there was a little table near the warthog enclosure where kids could make enrichment packs for the meerkats and then throw them in at feeding time. A really nice touch and great way of having them get involved.
  • If you think you'll go back there regularly, it's worth considering getting a season ticket, which costs £29.99 (adults)/£25.99 (children). If you buy it on the day of your visit, they credit your entrance fee.
  • Bring a packed lunch: lots of nice picnic areas and the food on offer is quite expensive.
  • According to local signs, Alton Towers is just 6 miles away, so if you are on holiday in the area and spend a day at Alton Towers, this would be the perfect antidote - but no less enjoyable!
Have you been or are you thinking about going? Let me know!
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