Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Mulberry Collection - June 2017 Snapshot

So I was having a bit of a tidy and also thinking about how many bags I have - and how many I actually need. I'm trying to decide which ones to move on and am finding it way harder than it should be. Their bags for goodness sake! This is not Sophie's Choice! 

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to decide soon and the collection won't look like it does right now for much longer 
- so I thought I'd give a quick peek!

Which one is your favourite? And what will I let go???


  1. Stunning collection! I absolutely love the oak bags, and would be very interested in the printed Bays, should you decide to sell. I already have 3 of them (nvt oak, printed nvt black and a neon blue), but rhey really work for me and are my favourites, so I think I'm goind to expand the collection. Also, a bag in oxblood would be a good experiment.

    1. Thanks :) I have to say I do love all my Bayswaters and I've just been using my green one. I really need to 'make' myself use the PVT and decide whether it works or not. I think it's just because it's so structured and bulky, which is difficult on public transport... I somehow can't get myself to sell her - lol. If I am, what's the best way to get in touch with you? Are you thinking about an oxblood Bayswater? I do love oxblood though I have yet to properly use my mini Cara...

  2. I loved that! And you have no idea how much better I feel about my own addiction and constant concern as to how I can store so many. I didn't think of putting one inside the other. Came upon you by accident but now can't wait to watch your other blogs.


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