Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Anybody who has been following (anybody there?) and most people who know me(especially Mr G) will be able to certify that when I get interested in something I tend to get quite obsessed. I go to the nth degree to research said subject, and spend most of my free time on it.

There was my Friends phase when I was watching Friends repeatedly on VHS (!) until the tape was worn out.

My "knitting phase" when I bought enough yarn, books, knitting needles and various other bits and related bobs to kit out any knit-manic granny. 

My blogging phase, when I re-branded this blog to Wish and Wear and wrote about anything fashion I could think of.

My "pregnancy phase" when I was watching every tv program even remotely related to pregnancy/giving birth and read every blog and book I could get my hands on.

Dto. "babies" once little M had arrived.

And many more.

So what am I doing at the moment (apart from work and normal day to day life)? Right now it’s two things: I want a(nother) Mulberry bag. Either a Bayswater or a Bayswater Pocket or a Bayswater Double Zip. Dithering between those models for reasons I am not going to expand on here.  A lovely Bayswater Double Zip, please.

The other thing is eBay.

I have always been a bit obsessed with the idea of a well curated wardrobe. With well curated I don’t just mean “lots of nice stuff” but also:

-          Stuff I wear

-          Good quality stuff
-          Nothing I don’t ever wear
-          very few things I seldom wear
So a wardrobe overflowing with everything but the above just won’t cut it.
So along with the thought of wanting to raise some fund for my next Mulberry obsession, I also want to get rid of stuff that gathers dust.

Only in the meantime I came across said Mulberry model on eBay and bought it. After much dithering about which colour to chose. And now that I see it in person- I'm not sure about the colour. It is rather lovely but I am just not sure it's "me":

So my plan is to re-sell it and hopefully find one where I will be sure.

I know. *sigh*
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