Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Cheshire Oaks Outlet April 2018

Note: Don't plan too much. Am I ever going to learn?

So I wanted to meet Esme at Cheshire Oaks.
And I also promised little M a visit at Blue Planet, which is nearby.
And then I posted some pics to our Facebook Group and said I was happy to pick up some bags.

So after a visit at Blue Planet, I was trying to juggle sorting the desired bags, getting more info for other ladies on the group, hugging Esme and wishing we'd have time to just go for a cup of coffee. I should have allowed more time. Oh and then I had to promise little M a visit to 'Build a Bear' as he was being so good.

Therefore just a few prices and thoughts...
Tempted: Gorgeous little coin purse in an unusual pleated glossy leather.
Unusual: Not as such, but NVT Antonys in small and large - not seen those in outlets for ages!
Bargain: Old style large Freya for £295. 

Oh, and some rushed pics - some prices at the bottom of the post.

(Yes, that's little M being rather bored...)

Small £555
Large £695

Regular black & oak NVT £476
Large black & oak NVT £556

New Small Bayswater
Antique pink £760
Teal £695

Small Bayswater Satchel
Oxblood NVT £716
Aqua £590

Oak & Black PVT £795

Bayswater Tote
Various from £605

Various from £556

Mini from £295 or buy 2 for £199 each
Medium from £695

Leather from £56, enamel £66

Phone cases £45
Zipped coin purses from £70

Yes, little M got his bear. Spider Bear to be exact. Money so well spent, he was laughing and smiling the entire time. Happy M, happy Mama.
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