Thursday, December 29, 2016

Outfits Out Of Sync

I'm completely out of sync and should have posted these yesterday. Christmas kinda does that. "What day is it? How long have I been off? Are the shops open?" You could swear we've been cut off from civilisation for weeks. Anyway, below a couple of outfits from my last working week of 2016.

Zara Dress Warehouse jacket
I love the overlay on the top of this dress but ended up wearing the jacket over it pretty much all day because I was just too cold... I did get a lot of "oooh, very Chanel!" on the jacket though. :)
Dress & necklace: ZARA
Jacket: Warehouse

Primark dress
Best pic out of a very bad bunch - so doesn't do this dress any justice! It's a total Vivienne Westwood rip off - and I love it (ssshhhh...) 
Dress: Primark 
Top worn underneath: Next 
Necklace: Topshop

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Good Pics, Bad Pics

Remember me going on about what you should and shouldn't do when selling on Facebook Groups? (Or more specifically handbag groups, such as the one I co-admin.)

I promised a follow up on all 7 Rules and after my ranting about why to read the pinned post, here some tips about taking pics to sell your bag.

First, a little disclaimer: I am no photography expert, merely somebody who thinks that if I sell a bag for a sizeable sum, I want to a) represent it looking its best and b) make sure potential buyers get a good idea of what it looks like. As mentioned above, I also admin a page and see what can happen if adequate pictures aren't supplied: at best your post won't get approved. At worst you will find yourself at a dispute with a buyer.

  1. Include all pictures as listed in the Pinned Post

    Yes, I know, you're sick of me constantly referring to the pinned post, but - honestly! - it's just there to help you!
    Essentially, these pictures are there to fulfil three functions:
    - proof that your bag is authentic
    - illustrate its condition and
    - simply for showing off your bag.
    For authenticity you will typically be required to supply clear pictures of the Mulberry imprint, fob (front and back) and made in label (front and back).
    For more info on showing its condition have a look at 2. below.
    For showing off how lovely it is just think about what is no nice about your bag. Does it have some fab internal pockets? Is the colour beautiful? Can it be worn multiple different ways? Showcase these features!
  2. Show all details and flawsYou're asking for somebody who has never seen the bag to part with their money so you want to make sure they know what to expect. Make sure you not only mention any flaws in your description but you photograph them as well as possible. This applies for example to stains, scratches or marks on the leather (especially any damage to piping), scratches on the hardware, any damage to inking and any stains on the lining/interior. Believe me when I say you don't want to omit anything: firstly that's not fair and secondly it's not worth the hassle. Paypal (which should always be used for payment) will most likely side with the buyer if you weren't quite honest.
  3. Use daylight where possibleThis is a tricky one for me, especially in the winter: leaving the house in darkness and returning after sunset, means I could really only ever take pictures at the weekend - and on dull days not even the daytime will afford great conditions. In that case I try and use multiple, non-harsh light sources to avoid glare and shade. This is really most important if you want to show off a not so well known colour. Always good to point out which in picture the colour is the closest to what it looks like in real life. If you're really struggling I'd advise to do all your pics and add a stock photo of the colour to refer to.
  4. Stuff your bag

    Potential buyers want to see how your bag looks when being carried - and presumably that would be with some stuff inside it. So, especially if your bag is slouchy or not particularly structured, show them. Nothing quite as sad as a deflated Alexa... It's best if you store your bag stuffed anyway, so you might have tissue paper or maybe even a Pilo from LoveLolo, if you don't, just get creative with some scarves, socks or cuddly toys...

  5. Remove distractions

    You want to show off your bag, not your busy carpet, kid's toys or kitchen paraphernalia. If you think you have a gorgeously patterned duvet or wallpaper you could, of course, use this to your advantage and add a bit of style in the background but I'd say keep it simple.
  6. Provide clear pictures

    No-brainer really: blurry pics are rubbish, as are those that are so tiny you can't make out any detail.
So... don't do this...

 Deflated Alexa with bonus Lego.

 What am I even looking at..?

 Blurry details.

Unclear imprint.

But do this instead:

Stuffed Alexa without distractions

Hardware flaws

 Clear pics of imprint...

 ...and fob.

Clear pic of made in label front...

...and back

...and I'll shut up now... ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Skirt Combos

After last week's bumper post with five outfits, only a couple of them for this week - but I do rather like these two: one that's a bit of a throw-the-rulebook-out-the-window and one that's new. :)

Warehouse top and midi skirt with trainers

I still totally love the colour of this skirt. 
I still find the length challenging. (Well, it's not like I've suddenly grown a couple of inches.) 
But I also think "screw it, stop trying the pretty and just go for clash" - and I had lots of ppl comment on the trainers! 
Top & skirt: Warehouse
Trainers: Kurt Geiger 

Mango top warehouse pleather skirt
Absolutely love this new top from Mango; it has such an effortless and even slightly ethereal quality to it. 
(At least until I dangle the sleeves in my food. *sigh*) 
Top: Mango 
Skirt: Warehouse 
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Accessorize

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Slouchy Boot Week

Bit of a bumper week, with five (!) outfits posted. And I managed to hit my weekly objective of using an item that hasn't been worn for ages: the overknee boots. So five outfits and four pairs of boots - makes a change...

Warehouse jacket All Saints Mini Skirt Suede overknee boots
I've had these boots in my wardrobe for years and I rather like them. I think suede and slouchy is the way to go if you want to do thigh high boots in a classy way. Only problem is that one of them keeps slouching down - and the other one doesn't. Ah well, can't have everything... 
Top: Hallhuber 
Skirt: AllSaints
Jacket: Warehouse
Boots: somewhere in the back of my wardrobe... no idea where I bought them originally...

Mexx dress
This dark green plain dress with pleather trim and pockets (I love pockets in a dress, don't you just love pockets?!) makes this necklace really stand out. There actually used to be a chain strand on the necklace, which i had to chop off as it got hopelessly tangled up. 
Dress: Mexx 
Necklace: ZARA

Whistles dress M&S boots
Love this slouchy Whistles dress. It's only thin t-shirt material so I always layer over opaques and black long sleeve top. The Vivienne Westwood inspired boots work really well with it, I think.
Dress: Whistles
Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Marks and Spencer
Necklace: ZARA

Zara pleather dress Stella and Dot necklace
I'm so totally behind posting these! Normally not a fan of pleather (bit of a leather snob) but this one feels lovely - and it's animal cruelty free. Thought it might be a bit too much with the necklace but I must have had the most compliments that day I ever had on any outfit - and all from girls (which are the best kind of compliments if you like clothes). 
Dress: ZARA 
Top worn underneath: Next 
Boots: Zara 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Jesire dress Zara necklace
A few things about this dress:
1. It's at least 6 years old.
2. It's from Jesire, a high street label that went bust in around 2011. Kate Middleton was seen wearing a few of their pieces soon after and there were speculations that it could be saved but it then just disappeared.
3. The print totally makes it. They had a simple grey one as well and when I tried that on it looked so "bla".
4. One of its nicest features is hidden: two long "scarves"/ kind of tie shaped thingies hanging down the back. I tried to capture them a few times but just can't.
5. I think this was the first dress/skirt with pockets I ever bought - and I was hooked.
So there, 5 things before 9 you really didn't need to know...
Dress: Jesire
Necklace: ZARA

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Unintentional Grace

If you have followed me for a while you might have seen me mention things around not editing photos, taking a few and picking the ones that I like most (or that are the "least bad"). 

After doing this for some time I still feel awkward posing. And then I sometimes proof myself right by thinking that the rushed and unplanned shots are the best. Like this first one, where my phone was about to die and I wanted to take a pic before changing out of my work outfit. Just two shots and that was it. Tried this again with another couple of outfits just days later and just couldn't get my whole body in. At all. How on earth did I do it?! 

Totally reminds me of Kleist's Marionettentheater - 

"Grace appears most purely in that human form which either has no consciousness or an infinite consciousness."

Not wanting to get too philosophical or deep over a flippin' outfit pic but just goes to show that not trying too hard can sometimes be the best approach.

The battery on my phone was about to die and I had no time for my usual 3 shots of outfit and details, so there.
Top: Boden
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: Stella & Dot

There's something about ribbed grey marl tights that makes an outfit feel cosy in an instant. Add a bit of pastel and it feels like the perfectly thrown together winter outfit with a nod to romance.
Dress & Cardigan: Boden
Boots: Hallhuber
Necklace (actually, the same as above!): Stella & Dot 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Why You Must Read The Pinned Post

I get it. Reading the Pinned Post is a pain.  Wading through the rules and understanding what makes a Facebook group tick can feel like a bit of work.  But I promise you: get this bit right and you will make your life much easier.  And more importantly: you will make the residing admins love you and add you to their Christmas card list.                    (*slight exaggeration, no guarantees.)

So what happens if you don't? 

Well, for one thing your post might either get deleted or not get approved in the first place. Why? Take a look...

So my top tips:
  • Don't forget pics of the features inside the bag: Mulberry imprint, front and back of fob, front and back of made in label. Have a look here for some good examples.
  • Very few Mulberry bags have no "made in" label. Can't find one? Search for it. Still nothing? Search again. They like to hide in inside pockets, nooks and crannies. If there's just a leather tab instead of a label, include a pic of that instead.
  • Don't forget to mention whether the bag comes from a smoke or pet free home. It's fine if it doesn't but you must disclose this. Either way, mention it. 
  • Want pricing advice? PM admin.
  • No "any interest in my bag?" posts. Thinking of selling? Do a sales post.
  • Read my post on selling on Mulberry Facebook Groups for more tips!

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