Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Outfit Roundup: Autumn's Here!

Definitely colder last week - queue the opaque tights replacing the sheer ones. Ok, so I cheated one day with socks.

Dress: Boden
Boots: Zara

Top: Primark
Skirt: Warehouse
Cardigan: Boden
Boots: Zara

Top & Skirt: Zara
Cardigan: Boden
Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Necklace: gift from my granny when I was about 6 years old

Cardigan: Marni at H&M
Top underneath: H&M
Jeans: Next
Trainers: Converse

 Top: Zara
Skirt: All Saints
Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Zara

Monday, September 28, 2015

Covet Monday: Washi

About a year ago I went to WH Smith and bought a gift. I remembered that I needed some sticky tape but all I could find in the store (that did stock some wrapping paper, by the way), was this silly, colourful stuff. Little did I know what I was missing!

I have since been introduced to the wonderful world of washi via some amazing blogs and lovely Facebook groups focusing on planners, journaling and everything around that.

If you are a washi virgin, just pop over to Pinterest and search for washi - not only will you be amazed in how many different designs it comes in, you'll be astounded what you could use it for. I won't go into that for this post, maybe I'll revisit that idea later.

Anyway, what I really wanted to share here, is my current wish list. Washi wishes, really. So here it goes...

1. MT German Map Washi
It's a wide washi of German maps. Not only will I be able to try and find places I know, I can also use it to wrap Mr. G's birthday pressies as he loves maps!  

 map washi

2. Yano Purple Flower Washi
I love the combination of the different flowers. I think this would be a nice one to chop up and use individual flowers for scrapbooking etc as well.

purple flower washi

3. Yano Book Washi
Like a little library on tape. Do I need to say more?

book washi

4. Totoro Washi
I don't know what it is about japanese cartoons, or kawaii specifically. But I just love them. Even though I'm supposed to be a grown up.

totoro washi

5. Zwillinge Poetry Washi
This one actually covers a poem we had to learn in school (and I can still recite). I love the calligraphy and the sentiment of the poem, which is all about spring awaking. Ok, so I'm not being very seasonal...

poetry washi

I've had all of these in my Etsy basket for days and am trying to justify spending more money on sticky tape that's a different colour from the one I already have...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Current Dream Team: Filofax & DIYFish

I've been in my Filofax now pretty much exactly three months. If you have followed my "planner journey" you might have watched the first review, which showed what did work so far - and then my second of what didn't work. You might have also gathered that I am considering going ringless

Anyway, in this next review instalment of my personal size Filofax, I am showing you which inserts I moved into after realising that the previous combination just didn't work.

Stumbling around the various Facebook planner groups, I was introduced to the Etsy store DIYfish. Designed by the lovely and talented Sheng, they are so clever that you can move into them straight away and then continue to discover new ways to use them every day. The latter not least because of the big community of DIYfish users and fans

Sheng also has her own blog where you can find an introduction to the different versions and well as useful hints and tips about printing and binding of the inserts.  The DIYFish Facebook group is fantastic for getting your queries answered and Sheng herself is never too far to answer a question. 

Anyway, have a look at my first steps in those new inserts...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mulberry Oak And How to Care For It

Mulberry Oak... If you know me - or even if you have just sporadically followed my Mulberry posts on here - you will know that I am a complete sucker for Mulberry oak. I just think it is their most gorgeous leather and even though known to be sensitive, I'd pick it over pretty much any other most times. The warmth it radiates and the character it acquires over the years of use is unmatched.  No wonder I have a small collection by now. 

As it is so sensitive though, it is quite important that you protect it well. That way you don't have to worry about every raindrop or smudge. 

So if you're as much of a fan of Mulberry Oak as I am, consider becoming one or want to see how to keep your oak beautiful, do have a look at my clip.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still in Summer Skirts!

The mornings have been quite damp and cold at times but so far I've been able to cope with a slightly warmer coat. Once it gets too cold for nude/no tights and the black opaques have to come out, most of my summer skirts and dresses will have to go into hibernation - I'm therefore trying to get as much out of them as I can now!

Top: Primark
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Trainers: Converse
Necklace: Marni at H&M  

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Zara
Trainers: Converse

Dress: H&M
Top underneath: H&M
Trainers: Converse
Necklace: Marni at H&M

Top: H&M
Skirt: Boden
Trainers: Converse

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Bit of Power from Knomo

I have been a fan of Knomo for quite some time. Most of my laptop bags have been Knomo bags and when my most used one broke, I had it fixed and am using it again.

These days though, I have gotten into the habit of carrying a "normal" handbag and then having my laptop in a separate sleeve (yes, that one is also a Knomo). A full laptop bag usually comes into force when I fly and I am already carrying a pushchair and little M's bag - another two for me would probably just kill me.

Anyway, my point is really that I hadn't browsed the Knomo site for a while as I simply didn't have the need to shop for a new laptop bag.

- And yet I am writing a covet post? Yep. It just so happened that Knomo have now brought out something that I really want: Powered bags. Using an iPhone6 (and with "using", I mean constantly being on it) means I have more than once experienced the dreaded "10% battery charge left" message. For my day to day life, I can usually be organised enough to charge it before I get to that. However, flying with little M really brings the need of having a fully functioning phone up a notch. If you have ever traveled with a toddler you will know what I mean and my iPhone is a crutch I am clinging onto rather gratefully.

Anyway, bags or purses with integrated power packs aren't anything new but the ones I had seen before just seemed purely functional, not very stylish and not really something I coveted before. The idea of combining a pretty yet functional zipped purse with a battery pack that extends my phone's life is really appealing to me and Knomo is offering three that I am considering:

Bond Charge Purse £119

Full grain leather available in 5 colours, I love the grey leather with pink power pack. Essentially a zippered pouch that will hold your phone and a few bits and bobs.
Bond Purse

Dering Charging Power Purse £99

Similar to the Bond purse but made from stain protected fabric and trimmed with leather. Also 5 colour options. However, whereas the Bond purse features just one section, this one has two. Not huge though, so you'd just fit your phone and a few small bits and bobs.
Dering Pouch

Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag £249

Quite a bit of a hike in price, this isn't just a zippered purse. This is a fully-grown clutch bag, that opens up to reveal a number of sections and pockets where you can store not just your phone and heaphones etc but also your iPad, pens, money, credit cards and so on. It also comes with a long strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder or even cross body, so actually really good for traveling.

So all I need to do now is decide, which one I want... hm...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yays: Top 20 again!

I'm so happy that Wish and Wear was featured again in the Independent Fashion Blogger's Links à la Mode - who doesn't like a bit of validation? 

So here is the complete Top 20; I especially liked Funky Jungle writing about how to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion. :) 
SPONSOR: Shopbop Paul & Joe Sister, James Jeans, MiH Jeans, Tibi, Tory Burch, Straight Leg Jeans, Peasant Blouses, Sweaters and Cardigans, Over the Knee Boots, The Kooples

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Un-Tillie Now: Another Mulberry Hobo

Bags from the Mulberry Tillie range are instantly recognizable by their mock (or trompe l'oeil) buckles, usually used on the front closures. 

I believe there was a Tillie Tote with short handles and long cross body strap, a Satchel, Drawstring bag (like a rucksack with a drawstring closure and flap-over) and a Hobo - which I managed to get my little mitts on.

A really nice size for all day, every day and in (what I have been told) pretty sturdy leather, she should be perfect for work or play - so let's load her up! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Indian Summer?

A couple  of really nice days last week, weather-wise, so I managed to drag a dress out of my wardrobe I hadn't worn all summer. Good job really because otherwise it would have been up for the chop!

Top: Boden
Skirt & Necklace: Zara
Trainers: Converse

Top: Topshop
Skirt & Cardigan: Boden
Shoes: Dune
Necklace: Accessories

Dress: Karen Millen
Cardigan: Boden
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Next
Top: Mango
Jeans: H&M
Cardigan: Boden
Trainers: Converse
Necklace: Next

Monday, September 14, 2015

Something Ringless: Midori & Co.

If you've followed my blog in the past weeks, you might have seen that I recently got into carrying around a planner. At the moment this is a personal-sized Filofax, which is working quite well size-wise. I have now also found inserts that I really like, though I am still tweaking how exactly I am using them and deciding on which version I will continue to use.
The rings are, of course, what make a Filofax a Filofax. Having them means I can chop and change my setup really easily, add pages if I need more writing space or rip out a page where I’ve done something I’d rather not see again. This is certainly much more flexible than buying a ready bound planner and especially helpful for me now when I'm still in the figuring out phase.

However, there are two things I'd like to change – and both are inherently linked to the rings themselves:
  1. They get in my way and I really can't be bothered taking pages out to write on them. This means I don't utilise the space as well as I could or my handwriting is even more aesthetically challenged than it already is.
  2. When moving used up pages out of my planner, they end up clipped together in a box. I would really like to archive pages in a way that invites me to flick through them. I still pick up old planners or diaries form over 20 years ago and would love to preserve some of the stuff that is going on now for years to come. I think this applies even more so as little M seems to be growing up so fast and I'd like to record little anecdotes.
By immersing myself into the wonderful world of plannering I discovered something recently that might just fit the bill. It's called a Midori or Traveller's Notebook and it is, essentially, just a leather cover with string that allows you to slot in various inserts by slipping them behind an elastic band. Midori Traveller’s Notebook is a brand name of a specific company but the concept seems to have spawned (or supported) a whole industry. You can get these covers now in all kinds of sizes and I am drawn to either the traditional TN, which takes inserts measuring 11cm x 21cm or a cover that takes Field Note sized inserts, which measures 9cm x 14cm. 

So yes, the FN is much smaller than the TN but whether it would work would all depend on how I'd set it up. I like the idea of having one insert for my planning/calendar and then another one for journaling rather than to write down personal notes in the planning section. But then again I imagine it would be nice to have the luxury of 22cm x 21cm on an opened up page to scribble, sketch, stick in things...

I've been going back and forth on this so I think I'll just have to take the plunge and try one. My current favourites for both TN size are:

Midori TN Blue Limited Edition £45
An "original" Midori but in a limited edition blue
 Midori TN Blue
FauxDori by Ink Bandits £22.99
Extra-wide Midori-style cover made from real leather and available in some lovely colours. Extra-wide means you can slot in a larger number of inserts and really cover all your planning needs.

InBandits FauxDori

Gillio Giramondo €180
From what I have seen in recent months, Gillio are the ultimate in planner luxury due to the quality of their leathers and the craftsmanship applied. Given their fantastic choice of colours, I am probably being pretty boring picking something that would match my Mulberry oak items but I just love that kind of leather and what it does when it ages.
Gillio Giramondo in Gold

And for Field Note size:

Pelledori Leather Journal in Lush Grey - Pocket Wide £23.11
Pocket size wide should accommodate 4-6 Field Note sized inserts and give me the flexibility to add all the sections I want. Oh, and I love the Pelledori colours! 

Pelledori Lush Grey

Pelledori Honey Tanned Leather Journal - Pocket Wide £23.11
Same as the above, just in a lush natural leather colour.

Pelledori Honey

Explorer 3 Leather Notebook Cover by FennerCRAFTS £54
The leather on this looks so sturdy and gorgeous and I love the subtle detailing

Fenner Explorer 3

So I really just need to decide on size, right..?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mulberry & More: Handbag Review Archive

You might already make use of the search function on my blog. If not: it's up there; top left corner. Pop in a search term and you'll get all posts returned containing that word.

If you're after advice about how to buy or sell, authentication or other useful sources, just select "what I learned" on the menu and you'll get all these posts nicely bundled together.

However, sometimes you might not know what you're looking for. So if you're here because of my slight (ahem) Mulberry or general handbag obsession, then you might find an index to all the handbag (and accessories) reviews useful. So here it is:

My Mulberry Collection
Mulberry Alana
Mulberry Alexa (Mini)
Mulberry Alexa (Regular) - general
Mulberry Alexa (Regular) - with Samorga
Mulberry Alexa (Regular) - as Baby Bag
Mulberry Alexa (Regular) - Strap Conversion
Mulberry Alexa (Oversized)
Mulberry Antony (Small)
Mulberry Antony (Large)
Mulberry Aqua Collection Unboxing
Mulberry Bauletto in Scotchgrain
Mulberry Bayswater  
Mulberry Bayswater Buckle (Mini)
Mulberry Bayswater Buckle (Small) 
Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet
Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote (Small) 
Mulberry Bayswater East West  
Mulberry Bayswater Heritage 
Mulberry Bayswater Heritage (Samorga)
Mulberry Bayswater for Macbook 
Mulberry Bayswater Tote
Mulberry Beatrice

Mulberry Blenheim
Mulberry Blossom Tote
Mulberry Brooke
Mulberry Cara (Mini)
Mulberry Cara (Regular)
Mulberry Cara Mini vs Regular 
Mulberry Cecily Tote 
Mulberry Daria Hobo
Mulberry del Rey (Small) 
Mulberry del Rey (Regular) - general
Mulberry del Rey (Regular) - as travel bag
Mulberry Double Pocket Drawstring
Mulberry Edie (Small) 
Mulberry Effie Hobo 
Mulberry Effie Tote
Mulberry Elgin
Mulberry Elly
Mulberry Euston 
Mulberry French Purse
Mulberry Hellier
Mulberry Henley
Mulberry Jagger Pouch 
Mulberry Kelly (mini)
Mulberry Kelly (regular)
Mulberry Kelly (large)
Mulberry Kelly Family (Mini, Regular & Large)
Mulberry Laptop Sleeve 
Mulberry Ledbury - Strap Conversion
Mulberry Ledbury - revisited
Mulberry Ledbury vs Small Bayswater Satchel 
Mulberry Ledbury - NPN Unboxing
Mulberry Leigh Tote
Mulberry Lily (Mini)
Mulberry Lily (Regular)
Mulberry Lily (Large)
Mulberry Long Locked Purse
Mulberry Maple (Regular) Unboxing
Mulberry Mitzy East West
Mulberry Mitzy Tote 
Mulberry Mitzy Pouch
Mulberry Multizip Pouch
Mulberry Polly Pushlock French Purse 
Mulberry Polly Pushlock Tote
Mulberry Poppy (Small)
Mulberry Postman's Lock Satchel 
Mulberry Rampling Tote 
Mulberry Rosie Hobo
Mulberry Rosie Satchel
Mulberry Rosemary
Mulberry Roxanne
Mulberry Roxanne - what's in my work bag 
Mulberry Roxanne Satchel
Mulberry Roxanne Tote (large)
Mulberry Roxanne (Small) vs Roxette
Mulberry Roxette Unboxing
Mulberry Shimmy Hobo
Mulberry Sofia Messenger - General
Mulberry Sofia Messenger - Strap Conversion
Mulberry Soho Hobo (Small)
Mulberry Somerset Hobo 
Mulberry Suffolk (Small)
Mulberry Taylor (Mini) 
Mulberry Taylor (Large) 
Mulberry Tillie Hobo 
Mulberry Tillie Satchel  
Mulberry Vintage Bucket Bag 
Mulberry Willow (Small)

Mulberry Oak
Mulberry Scotchgrain 
Mulberry Printed Leather
Mulberry Vintage Leather 
Mulberry Alexa Soft Buffalo vs Loopy Leopard Quilted Denim
Mulberry Bayswater NVT Printed Oak vs Red Glossy Goat
Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel vs New Small Bayswater 
Mulberry Bayswater x 4 
Mulberry Lily x 3 

Aspinal Brook Street Bag Unboxing
Fossil Sydney Satchel 
Knomo Bond Power Pouch
Louis Vuitton Zippy Purse
Prada Continental Purse
Strathberry MC Midi
VVA Dahlia Tote Unboxing 

My bags
My Mulberry Collection, November 2016 
My Mulberry Collection, June 2017 
My Mulberry Collection, November 2017 
My Mulberry Collection, March 2018
My Bag Collection: Mulberry Alexa
My Bag Collection: Mulberry Mini Alexa
My bag collection: Mulberry Small Bayswater Buckle

More Comparisons
Mulberry Alexa Loopy Leopard vs Soft Buffalo
Mulberry Blenheim, Rosemary, Roxanne Comparison 
Mulberry Bayswater x 4 
Mulberry Lily x 3 
Mulberry Bayswater Guide
Mulberry Mitzy Guide

Other Designers
Rodtnes Loretta Laptop Bag 
Strathberry Tote 
Longchamp Hobo 
Chloe Alison Tote
VVA Dahlia Tote 

Buying and Selling 
How to prep your designer bag for sale
How to care for your designer bag 
How to spot a fake - Fake Mulberry Alexa vs genuine Mulberry Alexa
How to chose which bag is right for you
How to make your own guitar style strap

7 rules for selling your bag on a Facebook group
1. Read the pinned post!
2. How to take pics of your bag if you want to sell
3. How to research your bag's value for selling
4. How to calculate your bag's full selling price 
Where to buy accessories for your handbag 

So I hope you'll either find what you're looking for - or have found something you never knew you were interested in. :)
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