about me

My blog was born out of the desire to write and record my musings. Mainly for myself really, though the thought that somebody "out there" would read my posts, was a bit of a thrill. You can go back to those early posts and see what I'm on about.

In early 2012 I went into overdrive and threw myself into what I believed to be my answer to the fashion blog: aspirational but attainable. Dreamworthy but doable. It felt great and self-indulgent. I then unexpectedly fell pregnant and stopped dead as I could not continue to write and omit such a vital piece of myself. I could not mention it either though as nobody (apart from my partner) knew.

In November 2012 little M was born and as anybody who has ever heard of people having children will know, you suddenly have no time for anything. Going back to work after 9 months surprisingly did not improve this.

I missed writing but couldn't really get started until I spontaneously did a video review of a small Mulberry bag. After lots of positive feedback from watchers that found me via the Facebook group Mulberry Buy and Sell, I decided to continue. So my blog has changed a fair bit.

What you won't find on my blog:
  • Outfits that look like they've been put together by a team at Vogue
  • Me wearing beautiful high-heels every day
  • Tiny Handbags that look pretty and hold just your phone and a lipstick
  • A high-end planner that is calligraphed and decorated and looks like a work of art
  • Elaborate make up tips
  • Tips on how to be a perfect mum

What you will find on my blog:
  • Outfits that have me dressed for work in a couple of minutes in the morning
  • Shoes that let me run after my toddler
  • Bags that let me have my hands free to chase after said toddler
  • A pretty planner that helps me be organised
  • Me wearing little or no make-up
  • Anything kid-related that makes my life easie
  • ...but there is still an element of wish in here, so maybe I'll drool over a tiny bag, pretty dress or heels that you'd only wear sitting down.

So if you like nice things such as bags, fashion, flowers or kittens and think it's only for people who have lots of time on their hands stop by everynow and then. If you like my facebook page, follow me on twitter or Instagram you'd be sure not to miss anything.

Would love to hear what you think, so please let me know...


  1. Your blog is articulate, interesting and relatable--thank you from your friends across the pond!

    1. Ah, thanks Linda, so kind of you. :) xx


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