Monday, September 25, 2006

How rubbish am I?!

No, don't answer that.

I have promised - vowed in fact - to write more regularly. And I have completely broken that promise. Yet again.

It's not like I have nothing to write about:

I've got a new job.

I went home to see my "little" brother get married and attended the lovely multi-cutural wedding weekend (he got married to a rather beautiful Argentinian girl, I managed to speak German, English, Italian and bits of Spanish).

My mood has been changing from pretty much blissfully "skipping through summer meadows" happy to "I want to hide under my duvet all day" blue.

And I bought a number of rather nice shoes.

So why haven't I written?

Maybe it's because I am so busy, chasing from one social engagement to the next (not true).
Maybe it's because I am sharing my PC with two other people and it's in the kitchen where I just can't get comfortable enough to write down my thoughts (partially true).
Maybe it's because I think that I don't only want to write about rubbish and thinking too much about serious stuff means that I will think too much (pretty much true).
Or maybe it's because the stuff I would like to mention on here is too private and I would not only share my own but other people's lives who might not want that (definitely true).

I am sure I have pondered over this issue before.

One day I will stop writing about writing and just write instead.

Another promise...
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