Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Secrets? Never!

So how do I know what I can publish on here? I mean, I am only aware of about two people (yeah, that's TWO whole people) reading my blog - maybe one of them even stopped - but I just don't know if someone else might stumble across this and read something that I'd rather they didn't know.

Having added my picture of course doesn't help in keeping this anonymous.

Sitting in a room on my own I may well think that this is a very private experience. Well, it's not. Guess there is a difference between my little lockable diary - yes I had one when I was 12 - and sharing my thoughts online.

So I shall not write about the stuff that's been keeping me awake recently, the dream I had last night or my bank balance. (The latter certainly being the most embarrassing one.) I will not obsess about what I should do about something I am not going to mention, how I should talk to someone I'm not going to name and when I will be going to a place that I am of course not going to be at.

Confused? Yeah...

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