Saturday, May 06, 2006


So what do you do if you can't sleep because you have 1,000,000 thoughts running through your head? I used to write in my diary and for some reason that always helped me.

Not really that surprising, since it obviously makes you sort thoughts, literally spells out in front of you whatever was chasing around in your mind, in some kind of immaterial, elusive and rather foggy manner before. Thoughts become facts - or at least theories then.

The question is: Do I really want to do this? Or at least - do I want to do it now? What can of worms will it open I might not be able to cope with at the moment? And is it really that big of a deal? Maybe I am just hormonal (I heard women do get that sometimes), maybe I am nostalgic, emotional or just plain stupid and tomorrow I'll think "whatever was all that about?!"

So if I write it down now, then it might become more than it actually is and I might create a problem and obsess about it (apparantly something else, women are pretty good at) for no reason whatsoever.

So maybe I'll just get a cup of coco and surf the 'net for a while and restrict my thoughts to the ones that fit on the back of a stamp.

And stop obsessing about trying not to obsess about stuff.


  1. Stef.... This is a voice from your past.... wooooooooo scary huh..


  2. Oh not to leave 137 comments... but you can get me anytme almost on yahoo IM at karang282,
    or I am on My SPace as well.. at

    Anyway, sorry I vanished a few years ago. I will catch you up when we make contact.


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