Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, just a a quick one anyway to say that I am still alive.

I know, I haven't written since - what - February but there have been longer gaps before! What do you complain - nobody ever reads this anyway!

The funny thing is though that not too many entries ago I wrote about "new job" and all that and yet again the biggest news would be that I have got a new job!

I have finally managed to get myself a paid activity that is fashion related! All pretty exciting stuff, even if it is neither Vogue nor some high-end designer and more catering for the masses. Lots of stuff happening though with a UK brand being launched into Germany and me being able to stand in the eye of the storm - so to speak. Bit more turbulence maybe though...

The fact that winter is well on its way also means that I am dusting off my knitting needles & Co and starting to be a bit creative.

The latter could probably also be said for me having bought a pair of those wet-look leggings that are everywhere. I have yet to actually wear them outside the house though but the day will come - hopefully before they are hopelessly dated.

Right, no major red thread this time, just a very quick update.

And as always the feeble promise to write more soon...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knitting is fab!

You got to be kidding me?!

Yep, I am knitting... again. I did pick up the needles about a year ago and got bored after a while but I am now very excited to be creating things again.

I do feel that I need some sort of creative outlet and as I am woefully bad at drawing, painting, sewing, pottery (pretty much anything that would allow me to be creative) I turned to something that allows me to create in a very structured way.

I am learning to read the instructions (they call them patterns!), do different stitches and teaching myself at the art of self-control and wool management. (Made that last one up - but that should be a recognized skill - can I put it on my CV?)

I am also enjoying building myself a little library of knitting books, although I am trying very hard not to spend too much money on my new/old hobby.

The newly found motivation is probably partially down to the fact that my best friend had two babies a little while ago and it is so great to actually have someone to knit for. Especially when the people receiving the fruits of my labour are so tiny that knitting an entire outfit only takes a few hours.

I solemnly declare that I shall stay true to my stylish roots (ha!) and not knit any tat. All items will be tasteful, nice to look at and any person will have the right to refuse accepting them on grounds of personal taste.

Actually strike that last sentence - I shall be terribly offended if anyone says "thanks - but no thanks"!

Anyway, I am still in work but about to leave (will probably be told off for not coming home sooner and spending time on here but I just remembered that my Blog might just about still exist - pictures of completed projects might follow...) and looking forward to a quiet evening.

And some knitting...
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