Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Boden Wins Again

Honestly two of my favourite outfits; both with the same Boden skirt - but in different prints. The animal print skirt paired with the knotty hem top does that 'fitted waist + wide top = magic a waist' thing so well. The navy & white print skirt just goes so nicely with the navy & white Breton top. And I'm lucky enough to have some necklaces in my wardrobe that just work.

Feels like... autumn?! Dark tights and long sleeves. Sigh. Well, we had a maximum of 16 degrees C yesterday. 
I do love this to though, with its knotty hem...
Top: Mango
Skirt: Boden
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Warehouse

I love my new top from Boden: the navy perfectly matches the hue in this skirt (also Boden) and the sleeves add a bit of pizzazz. 
Top & skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Zara

You know that I kinda like hydrangeas, right? ;) Still in love with this print, which is why I have it twice. Struggling to put a necklace with it. I don't do bracelets (annoy me when typing) and usually forget about earrings but maybe I should try harder when wearing this dress? What would you add? 
Dress: Boden
Boots: Zara

You know what I'm like with statement necklaces, right? Well, I'm talking to a colleague about an incident management exercise (admittedly, not one of the most exciting subjects) and she suddenly blurts out "does this necklace not get in the way?" I guess it kind of does. Especially when you're wearing a fitted coat. But obviously very handy as a distractor. Note to self: wear when having to present something I have no clue about!
Dress & top worn underneath: H&M
Necklace: Marni for H&M
Shoes: Zara

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lovely New Arrival

So I stumbled upon VVA bags a while ago. And I've been lusting after one of their Dahlias for a while. 
A search on my own blog reveals it's been at least a year!

I finally took the plunge and ordered one of these last week...

 VVA Dahlia Moc Croc Black Leather Tote
...and she arrived shortly after. See me unbox here right here:

Full review to follow!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

August Favourites

Ok, so you're only getting a couple of outfits in this week's roundup - but it's quality over quantity this time! (Not saying that I am usually showing you the dreggs... I'm digging myself a hole, here right?!)

Anyway... One of them is one of my current favourites: that green midi skirt is still a tricky length (of course it is, not like I've grown...) but the colour will forever cheer me up and matched with this embroidered top I am feeling distinctly spring-summer-ish and bouncy!
The other one seems plain but I am showing off a new Boden top - that's current enough for me to provide a link below!

Watehouse midi skirt with zara embroidered top
A repeat outfit - but with different shoes! 
I'm laughing because little M is propping up (=wobbling) the mirror and singing "Mama, look: my finger is a wiggly worm!" 
Top: Zara 
Top worn underneath: H and M 
Skirt: Warehouse 
Trainers: Converse

Boden frilly Breton top with Jeans
New stripy top with ruffles from Boden. A bit casual for a Tuesday but I got bitten to bits by something during the night and didn't want to have my legs out. I actually wore a blazer over this at work. 
Top: Boden 
Jeans: Next 
Boots: Marks and Spencer

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Clash or Match?

Print, print and more print this week: two outfits of uni-coloured tops with print skirts and two where I'm matching different prints on top and bottom. I always think the uni t-shirt is a bit of a cop out and love it when clashing prints works - but it doesn't always...

H&M print top and Boden animal print skirt
Looking at the weather today, yesterday may well have been the last day of summer... I'm glad I wore something light and bright! 
T-shirt: H & M 
Skirt and cardigan: Boden 
Shoes: Zara

Teal t-shirt with Boden floral print skirt
  Give me summer... on a skirt! You can't gimmick better than hydrangeas - I just love them! T-shirt: Warehouse 
Cardigan and skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Boden retro print skirt with uni t-shirt
Yep, I still post outfits every now and then... (You're forgiven if you thought I'd moved onto flowers.) one of my favourite Boden prints! 
T-shirt: Warehouse 
Skirt and cardigan: Boden 
Necklace: Topshop 
Shoes: Dune Shoes 

Not sure about this one - maybe I just crave pretty colour too much at the moment to compensate for the lack of summer... The short must have been in my wardrobe for at least a decade, probably more like 15 years - and I've never worn it. I decided it now either works or has to go. It's still not off the hook - either way. Lol. 
Shirt: Miss Sixty 
Skirt: Rumour London at Wolf & Badger 
Trainers: Converse
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