Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, just a a quick one anyway to say that I am still alive.

I know, I haven't written since - what - February but there have been longer gaps before! What do you complain - nobody ever reads this anyway!

The funny thing is though that not too many entries ago I wrote about "new job" and all that and yet again the biggest news would be that I have got a new job!

I have finally managed to get myself a paid activity that is fashion related! All pretty exciting stuff, even if it is neither Vogue nor some high-end designer and more catering for the masses. Lots of stuff happening though with a UK brand being launched into Germany and me being able to stand in the eye of the storm - so to speak. Bit more turbulence maybe though...

The fact that winter is well on its way also means that I am dusting off my knitting needles & Co and starting to be a bit creative.

The latter could probably also be said for me having bought a pair of those wet-look leggings that are everywhere. I have yet to actually wear them outside the house though but the day will come - hopefully before they are hopelessly dated.

Right, no major red thread this time, just a very quick update.

And as always the feeble promise to write more soon...
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