Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mulberry Bicester Outlet July Stockcheck

A flying visit at Bicester after a brief visit in Oxford.

The award for best behaved child of the weekend goes to little M. We had such a lovely dinner at the Lion in Wendlebury (will have to go back there: the pork belly was so yummy!) and he was so lovely. Even when he got tired, he held of the nark and whinge and just wanted a cuddle. Today at Mulberry I said "5 more minutes" a few too many times to his "Mama, can we go yet?" He was following me around the store obediently, whilst I was checking on prices for ladies on our Facebook group.

And the award for best Sales Assistant goes to Gemma, who made sure that the items I collected for a couple of ladies were perfect!

Insight: Gemma confirmed that they might be getting some stock back form the sample sale but they have no idea what it will be. So, if you feel you missed out on a specific sample sale bargain, check back with them in a few days.

Just a few prices after the pics - enjoy!

Small Antony oak, black, oxblood  - £440
Large Antony oak, black, oxblood - £520

Alexa oak (polished buffalo?) - £880

Alice Small black - £555

Bayswater (old style) various colours - from £626

Camera bags - Python was the cheapest at £297

Cara - Medium & Mini in NVT were all 10% off for Oak and Black (not Oxblood) - I didn't actually catch a price - sorry! 
Cara - Medium & Mini Quilted steel blue, fiery spritz - £455 for Mini

Effie Satchel - £325
Effie Tote oak, black - £395 

Kite Regular - cheapest was a black with missing pouch £435

Lily Mini various colours - from £200
Lily Regular Aqua - £495 

Maple Regular - from £626

Tessie Hobo - from £485
Tessie Satchel - from £355

Locked Cosmetic Pouch black, taupe, oak - £156
Long Locked Purse oak, black - £236
Small Coin Pouch candy (pink) - £70
Scarves signature tree - £115
Scarves large plaid - £130

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mulberry Sample Sale

Our Mulberry Facebook page has been in a bit of a frenzy with the current Mulberry sample sale in full swing. People sharing their bargains, newbies trying to find out how to get in on the action - and a bit of eBay stalking, sniffing up the mark ups of some cunning re-sellers. I have actually never been, as I don't live near London and it doesn't warrant me traveling down purely for this, but some of my friends have been and the page is usually awash with info and snapshots. ***Thanks at this point to Bea Tare and Catherine Fry for pics and infos!***

When is it on?
Usually twice a year, this one was at the end of July, I think the other one is on in January.

How do I get an invite?
Your best bet is to be on the Mulberry mailing list, I usually get a notification, referring me to their sign up page. Here you can request an invite for a specific day. The other option is to follow the Music Room pages, where the event is usually held. There is no fee to pay as such, but they ask you to make a small (£2) donation when you hand in your bag and coat (see below).

What do I need to know?
I believe, you will have to leave your bag(s) and coat in the cloakroom. You're only allowed to take in your phone and purse.
It gets rather busy, though the length of the queue and congestion in the venue fluctuates. Either way, plan in time, you can't be sure about how long it's going to take you!

What can I find there?
Past seasons' stock, the odd obscure sample (e.g. a bag made in an unusual leather), outlet surplus.

What are the discounts like?
Actually very similar to outlet prices (an example here), though you will find the odd mega bargain. Have a look at the prices below the pics to give you an idea. Considering that you get a proper "Mulberry experience" at the outlet, I'd probably prefer that over a sample sale visit (some people liken it to a rummage sale) but if you're around when one is on, it is well worth checking out.

Alice Small - £550 
Blossom Tote - £229 
Camera Bags - £250 
Cara Mini Quilted - £400 
Cara Medium Quilted - £795 
Clemmie Clutch - £365 
Daria Taupe - £555 
Effie Satchel oak/black - £260 
Effie Tote oak/black - £300 
Freya Satchel - £395 
Kensington Small - £400 
Kensington Large - £495 
Lily Mini - £199 
Tessie Satchel - £425 
Tessie Tote - £350 
Tessie Hobo - £475 
Willow Tote (small) - £795 
Willow Tote (large) - £895 

Small Zip Around Purse - £135 
Long purse - £205 
Belts - £50ea. or £80 for 2 
Cara Quilted Pouch - £95 
iPad cases (different sizes) - £30 
Zipped Cosmetic Purse orange, green - £135 
Key rings - £30 

Ready to wear samples - from £50 
Trousers - £50 
Blouses and dresses - from £50 
Scarves - £125 
Shoes - from £100

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Sale Bargain

We definitely had some proper summer days last week, which meant, I could even ditch the sheer tights. The Herve Leger style bandage skirt was a complete bargain that I snapped up at the Harvey Nick's summer sale. It really is amazing how it pulls you in in all the right places!

1. It's been a while since I tied a knot in my top! Brings back memories of the 80s. Ok, 90s in Germany... 
2. Mermaid shoes. 
3. The skirt is a Harvey Nick's sale bargain. 
4. New Stella & Dot necklace! 
T-shirt: & Other Stories 
Skirt: Bcgb Max Azria 
Shoes: Kurt Geiger 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Nothing quite like a new pair of Converse "Chucks" - let's see how long they'll stay this clean. Also: What's with the pointy bum though?! Looks like a shaved a bit off my side - but I don't do anything with my pictures. Must have a pointy bum then... 
Top: Boden 
Jeans: Next 
Trainers: Converse

Another warm day (was that out summer?), another t-shirt/skirt combo. And that new necklace again. :) 
Think the skirt will have to go though, it just doesn't look right anymore... T-shirt: Topshop 
Skirt: Miss Selfridge 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to Spot a Fake

So, over the past couple of years I have told you how to minimise the risk of buying a fake Mulberry and where to go to have it authenticated. What I haven't shown you is some of the detail that can give away a fake bag straight away. I obviously don't have an endless supply of fakes but I do have this Mulberry Oversized Alexa, so have a look at my video and pics and take note of the signs that give away a bag as fake! (By the way, it's not this one - different bag!)

And as promised - some pictures to accompany the video
The fake is the 'watermelon' colour, the black is my genuine one.

The most obvious first: the Imprint on the oval and the fob with the tree. 
Genuine Mulberry Alexa Imprint and Fob

See how the genuine Mulberry's font is a sans serif, i.e. without little lines at the end of each letter? All straight lines. It is also neatly printed and not smudged (if a bit worn on my battered Lexie).

The stitching is neat and even - though I have seen genuine bags with messier stitching!

The metal fob, which is hanging off the oval is neatly imprinted. Now, I can never remember how many leaves are in which position but the genuine tree has sharply printed leaves.

Fake Alexa Imprint and Fob

The fake bag's Mulberry imprint font is more 'frilly' looking, the letters emulate more of a serif font, i.e. little lines at the ends of the letters. It is also badly printed and not very straight.

The stitching is fairly even but has a weird kink on the left hand side.

The leaves of the tree on the metal fob are rounder and not as sharp.

Back of the fob and serial number

Genuine Mulberry Alexa serial number

The font on the back of the fob is likewise a sans serif, straight numbers, neatly lasered (or etched?) on.

Fake Alexa serial number

  The font of the numbers on the fake bag is much more frilly. Whilst some vintage bags have numbers that are actually imprinted into fonts rather than etched or lasered, I have only ever seen straight, non serif fonts.

Now, the made in label isn't as obvious.

Genuine Alexa made in label
Above the genuine...

...the fake below.

Fake Alexa made in label

I don't have a 'Made in England' label from an Alexa on file but this is from another genuine bag and if you compare the 'g' in England, you can see how the genuine one looks more old fashioned - funnily enough a bit more frilly than the fake font. They just can't get it right, can they. ;) 

Genuine Mulberry Made in England label

 The genuine magnetic closure...

Genuine Alexa magnetic closure

is raised and has a distinct ridge.

Fake Mulberry Alexa magnetic closure
 The fake bag's magnetic closure is fairly flat and has no ridge.

Closure straps

Genuine Alexa strap ends
The genuine bag has straight screws on the back of the metal tabs at the end of the straps. The tree imprint is even and neat and the metal totally flat around it.

Fake Mulberry Alexa strap ends
 The screws on the fake bag have Phillips heads (i.e. like a cross). The tree imprint looks fairly neat but the metal is depressed around the tree as well.

And Something else I noticed:

 See how there is only stitching to what you see above and below the tree rivet (this is to the left and right of the top handle).

The fake bag has stitching top and bottom and left and right. This isn't present on the genuine bag at all.

There are actually another few differences but these are the most obvious ones. Hopefully you will find them useful, but do bear in mind that every model can have its own markers. The new generation of Mulberry (under Coca's design) has changed significantly and many of said characteristics have disappeared altogether. Nothing beats spending £5 and getting it authenticated by professionals! And even somebody who has handled lots of bags (ahm, me), isn't safe: I would have sworn this was the real deal!
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