Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is that an Autumn Outfit?!

Looking back at last week, you could be forgiven for thinking one of those outfits slipped in there by accident: that Zara chequered skirt with black tights looks like something I'd be wearing in October, whilst the other three outfit can pass for summer. Nope. It really was cold enough for opaques. Well, at least for this continental softie...

I love the zesty print of this skirt - very Mary Katrantzou!
  It was so warm yesterday - well, outside the office, at least! They predicted rain ☔️ though, so I didn't go full on summer footwear. In the end it stayed dry after all... This skirt always reminds me of Maria Katrantzou designs (am pretty sure that's intentional) and it always cheers me up! 
T-shirt & necklace: Warehouse 
Skirt: Miss Selfridge 
Trainers: Converse

Nothing says spring or summer quite like a floral print!
What's with the grumpy face?! Seriously: this one was the best out of a very grumpy bunch! I like mixing patterns but don't have a pairing for each printed item I own. Usually end up just picking out a colour in the pattern and adding a top/bottom of that colour. Or I just clash it all and pretend I don't care. ;) 
T-shirt: & Other Stories 
Skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Topshop I think...

Zara checkered skirt
Right, so it's warm(ish) when I have to run for the train in the evening, hence t-shirt. But it isn't in the morning. And the office air on is blowing. And it's raining (on and off) - hence the boots. *sigh* Well, at least it's a new outfit combo! 
T-shirt: Warehouse 
Cardigan: Boden 
Skirt, boots & necklace: ZARA 
Tights: should be packed away in a drawer somewhere in JULY!

My Mulberry Bayswater Buckle in Oak goes with everything!
Yes, you might have seen this one before. But I've thrown in a bonus bag this time! ;) Sweatshirt & skirt: ZARA 
Trainers: Converse 
Bag: Mulberry

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