Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mulberry Sample Sale

Our Mulberry Facebook page has been in a bit of a frenzy with the current Mulberry sample sale in full swing. People sharing their bargains, newbies trying to find out how to get in on the action - and a bit of eBay stalking, sniffing up the mark ups of some cunning re-sellers. I have actually never been, as I don't live near London and it doesn't warrant me traveling down purely for this, but some of my friends have been and the page is usually awash with info and snapshots. ***Thanks at this point to Bea Tare and Catherine Fry for pics and infos!***

When is it on?
Usually twice a year, this one was at the end of July, I think the other one is on in January.

How do I get an invite?
Your best bet is to be on the Mulberry mailing list, I usually get a notification, referring me to their sign up page. Here you can request an invite for a specific day. The other option is to follow the Music Room pages, where the event is usually held. There is no fee to pay as such, but they ask you to make a small (£2) donation when you hand in your bag and coat (see below).

What do I need to know?
I believe, you will have to leave your bag(s) and coat in the cloakroom. You're only allowed to take in your phone and purse.
It gets rather busy, though the length of the queue and congestion in the venue fluctuates. Either way, plan in time, you can't be sure about how long it's going to take you!

What can I find there?
Past seasons' stock, the odd obscure sample (e.g. a bag made in an unusual leather), outlet surplus.

What are the discounts like?
Actually very similar to outlet prices (an example here), though you will find the odd mega bargain. Have a look at the prices below the pics to give you an idea. Considering that you get a proper "Mulberry experience" at the outlet, I'd probably prefer that over a sample sale visit (some people liken it to a rummage sale) but if you're around when one is on, it is well worth checking out.

Alice Small - £550 
Blossom Tote - £229 
Camera Bags - £250 
Cara Mini Quilted - £400 
Cara Medium Quilted - £795 
Clemmie Clutch - £365 
Daria Taupe - £555 
Effie Satchel oak/black - £260 
Effie Tote oak/black - £300 
Freya Satchel - £395 
Kensington Small - £400 
Kensington Large - £495 
Lily Mini - £199 
Tessie Satchel - £425 
Tessie Tote - £350 
Tessie Hobo - £475 
Willow Tote (small) - £795 
Willow Tote (large) - £895 

Small Zip Around Purse - £135 
Long purse - £205 
Belts - £50ea. or £80 for 2 
Cara Quilted Pouch - £95 
iPad cases (different sizes) - £30 
Zipped Cosmetic Purse orange, green - £135 
Key rings - £30 

Ready to wear samples - from £50 
Trousers - £50 
Blouses and dresses - from £50 
Scarves - £125 
Shoes - from £100

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  1. Thanks this is really helpful I wanted to go but was really unsure how it worked I.e.if the bags were seconds or if they prices were better. Sounds like prices compare with outlets but possibly much more stock so I will look out for the January one! Jacqui


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