Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mulberry Bicester Outlet July Stockcheck

A flying visit at Bicester after a brief visit in Oxford.

The award for best behaved child of the weekend goes to little M. We had such a lovely dinner at the Lion in Wendlebury (will have to go back there: the pork belly was so yummy!) and he was so lovely. Even when he got tired, he held of the nark and whinge and just wanted a cuddle. Today at Mulberry I said "5 more minutes" a few too many times to his "Mama, can we go yet?" He was following me around the store obediently, whilst I was checking on prices for ladies on our Facebook group.

And the award for best Sales Assistant goes to Gemma, who made sure that the items I collected for a couple of ladies were perfect!

Insight: Gemma confirmed that they might be getting some stock back form the sample sale but they have no idea what it will be. So, if you feel you missed out on a specific sample sale bargain, check back with them in a few days.

Just a few prices after the pics - enjoy!

Small Antony oak, black, oxblood  - £440
Large Antony oak, black, oxblood - £520

Alexa oak (polished buffalo?) - £880

Alice Small black - £555

Bayswater (old style) various colours - from £626

Camera bags - Python was the cheapest at £297

Cara - Medium & Mini in NVT were all 10% off for Oak and Black (not Oxblood) - I didn't actually catch a price - sorry! 
Cara - Medium & Mini Quilted steel blue, fiery spritz - £455 for Mini

Effie Satchel - £325
Effie Tote oak, black - £395 

Kite Regular - cheapest was a black with missing pouch £435

Lily Mini various colours - from £200
Lily Regular Aqua - £495 

Maple Regular - from £626

Tessie Hobo - from £485
Tessie Satchel - from £355

Locked Cosmetic Pouch black, taupe, oak - £156
Long Locked Purse oak, black - £236
Small Coin Pouch candy (pink) - £70
Scarves signature tree - £115
Scarves large plaid - £130

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