Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a lovely weekend...

..I just had.

My best friend and her boyfriend were over to visit (Thursday - Sunday) and I had the nicest weekend in ages.

We had a lot of catching up to do, went out for a meal, did some touristy stuff (well, how often do you visit sights next to/in the city where you live?), went out for some lovely food and played some board games.

***Maybe this is the right point then to out myself as a board game kinda person. Alright: I like board games. I enjoy meeting up with friends and spending hours playing such games as Carcassonne, Settlers or AlHambra. So there. You might think I'm a geek but I believe that life is about variety. Give me a night on the town. Give me a night at the pictures. Give me a night in with friends. I'd like a bit of everything, otherwise I might get bored.***

Anyway, so now I am feeling a bit blue, missing them and cursing the fact that if I wanted to visit them this weekend the flight would cost me at least £200. All a bit pants really and I can nearly hear my dad say "well, you know, you could just move back home". But I think for that I am still enjoying England too much.

So there. Instead of moping and feeling blue I shall look out the window, see the sunshine and smile about little birdies singing... And think about something reallly interesting to write later this week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


There was me thinking that most people writing on here were like me: the blog as a diary substitute. Na-ha! I just made the "mistake" clicking on the next blog link in the top right hand corner and spent the past hour or so browsing blog after blog. Diaries, commercial sites, clubs... and all very different...

Well, what did I expect? A few thousand verystefs out there writing about their not so eventful day? Yeah right.

Btw: I discovered this radiostation on the web that plays exclusively 80s stuff. A lot of dodgy flashbacks happening whilst I'm writing this. I know a lot of people think that decade was well and truly tragic in terms of the music it produced but I can't help but love it - sorry.

My music collection is probably one of the most embarassing you could imagine. Very eclectic though. From A-ha to Zucchero. I once had an excel spreadsheet with all my albums on. I shall update that one *sad* day and publish it. A different kind of "coming out of the closet".

I think...

...I use the word "anyway" way too often when I write.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

So how does one start a blog then?

No idea. I am not really bothered by the whole technical setup stuff (that's what wizards and help pages are for) but deciding on how to set up my page and what to write might proof more difficult than anticipated.

There is for one "the theme". How do I decide?! Too newsy, too corporate, too goth, too girly. Nice - but will I still like it in a few weeks' time? So I went with the muted, timeless, slightly more classical look (even if the background does remind me of an old pub's wallpaper) but at least I won't get sick of it too soon - I hope.
Then there is "the name". Do I want to remain completely anonymous? Write under my own name? Or somewhere in between? What will I write about? Will it be stuff so personal that I couldn't possible disclose it to strangers or even worse could it be things that might offend or shock people who actually know me (all of this assuming someone will actually read my ramblings)? God, I really am my father's daughter - sensible even about possibly meaningless stuff...

Anyway, if you are someone who doesn't know me but is nonetheless reading this you might have figured out that I am quite indecisive. Useless at time, really. By the way that doesn't mean that I won't blame someone for making the wrong decision after I refused to make one at all. I see this as my prerogative.

Anyway, I have started my blog. No going back - I think. I guess I will use it as a kind of diary. Have stopped writing one due to the fact that I simply couldn't read my handwriting anymore. And I am faster on a keyboard than with any pen these days. Sad really...
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