Wednesday, May 25, 2005


There was me thinking that most people writing on here were like me: the blog as a diary substitute. Na-ha! I just made the "mistake" clicking on the next blog link in the top right hand corner and spent the past hour or so browsing blog after blog. Diaries, commercial sites, clubs... and all very different...

Well, what did I expect? A few thousand verystefs out there writing about their not so eventful day? Yeah right.

Btw: I discovered this radiostation on the web that plays exclusively 80s stuff. A lot of dodgy flashbacks happening whilst I'm writing this. I know a lot of people think that decade was well and truly tragic in terms of the music it produced but I can't help but love it - sorry.

My music collection is probably one of the most embarassing you could imagine. Very eclectic though. From A-ha to Zucchero. I once had an excel spreadsheet with all my albums on. I shall update that one *sad* day and publish it. A different kind of "coming out of the closet".


  1. Where is this great sounding station to be found?

  2. The radiostation is called 80s Grooves - but I just tried it and it is currently unavailable :(


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