Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a lovely weekend...

..I just had.

My best friend and her boyfriend were over to visit (Thursday - Sunday) and I had the nicest weekend in ages.

We had a lot of catching up to do, went out for a meal, did some touristy stuff (well, how often do you visit sights next to/in the city where you live?), went out for some lovely food and played some board games.

***Maybe this is the right point then to out myself as a board game kinda person. Alright: I like board games. I enjoy meeting up with friends and spending hours playing such games as Carcassonne, Settlers or AlHambra. So there. You might think I'm a geek but I believe that life is about variety. Give me a night on the town. Give me a night at the pictures. Give me a night in with friends. I'd like a bit of everything, otherwise I might get bored.***

Anyway, so now I am feeling a bit blue, missing them and cursing the fact that if I wanted to visit them this weekend the flight would cost me at least £200. All a bit pants really and I can nearly hear my dad say "well, you know, you could just move back home". But I think for that I am still enjoying England too much.

So there. Instead of moping and feeling blue I shall look out the window, see the sunshine and smile about little birdies singing... And think about something reallly interesting to write later this week.

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