Monday, September 07, 2015

No Déjà Vu

After last week's short yet important but not "wear" related message, I am back to the frivolities of fashion. 

Just a few weeks ago I went on about a new (to me) handbag designer Strathberry of Scotland and how they did not just entice me to put my name (and credit card details) down for one of their creations but also many others and completely smashed their Kickstarter goal of £25,000, achieving over £120,000 worth of pre-orders.

Fast forward just a couple of weeks and the horribly clever people of Facebook present me with an add for another, very similar project on Kickstarter. Yep, another handbag designer. Being predictably easily reeled in, I clicked through and was instantly hooked.

Linjer (Norwegian for "lines") are Roman and Jenn, who both were simply fed up of not being able to find a "work-appropriate leather bag that didn’t break the bank". Upon researching this in depth, they successfully crowdfunded their first collection on Indigogo and are currently running their second one on (yes, as I said above) Kickstarter

Of course I am fairly easily swayed when it comes to beautiful leather goods (Mulberry, Smythson, Aspinal...) and you also know that quality and usability of the product is really important to me. Name only just doesn't wash - which is probably why I still haven't forked out a ridiculous amount for plastic covered canvas (yes, I'm talking about Louis Vuitton). 

Anyway, and I am finally getting to the point here. 
Their bags won me over:
- beautifully simple design that doesn't need an audacious logo
- full grain, vegetable tanned leather with high quality hardware
- great value for money - they claim 1/4 of what a luxury brand would sell them for.

And had my car not been a write-off after last week's horrible crash, my finger would not still be hovering over the order button but I'd already have ordered this beautiful cross body purse...

...or this gorgeous doctor's bag...

Sure, neither of them are "cheap" at $199 (£130) or $279 (£163) respectively and you'll have to expect to have something added from the lovely people at customs as they ship form the USA but flippin' heck - compared to Mulberry or a leather LV that's almost ridiculous!

The Kickstarter project runs out on 19th September so even if I can't order one I'd urge you to give them a go. And please do let me know if you do - then at least I can drool over yours!

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