Monday, September 28, 2015

Covet Monday: Washi

About a year ago I went to WH Smith and bought a gift. I remembered that I needed some sticky tape but all I could find in the store (that did stock some wrapping paper, by the way), was this silly, colourful stuff. Little did I know what I was missing!

I have since been introduced to the wonderful world of washi via some amazing blogs and lovely Facebook groups focusing on planners, journaling and everything around that.

If you are a washi virgin, just pop over to Pinterest and search for washi - not only will you be amazed in how many different designs it comes in, you'll be astounded what you could use it for. I won't go into that for this post, maybe I'll revisit that idea later.

Anyway, what I really wanted to share here, is my current wish list. Washi wishes, really. So here it goes...

1. MT German Map Washi
It's a wide washi of German maps. Not only will I be able to try and find places I know, I can also use it to wrap Mr. G's birthday pressies as he loves maps!  

 map washi

2. Yano Purple Flower Washi
I love the combination of the different flowers. I think this would be a nice one to chop up and use individual flowers for scrapbooking etc as well.

purple flower washi

3. Yano Book Washi
Like a little library on tape. Do I need to say more?

book washi

4. Totoro Washi
I don't know what it is about japanese cartoons, or kawaii specifically. But I just love them. Even though I'm supposed to be a grown up.

totoro washi

5. Zwillinge Poetry Washi
This one actually covers a poem we had to learn in school (and I can still recite). I love the calligraphy and the sentiment of the poem, which is all about spring awaking. Ok, so I'm not being very seasonal...

poetry washi

I've had all of these in my Etsy basket for days and am trying to justify spending more money on sticky tape that's a different colour from the one I already have...


  1. I like map washi too.

    1. I have to *not* google map washi, otherwise I'll order more than just that one... lol


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