Thursday, September 10, 2015

Big Sis' Lily

The Mulberry Lily undoubtedly drew inspiration from the classic Chanel Flap bag: chain strap, flap over and twist closure. Ok, so that postman lock is a bit of a trademark for Mulberry but I still think the overall feel is definitely Chanel. 

The Lily comes in 4 sizes: Mini, Regular, Medium and Large. Yes, Medium is actually not the middle one. And since Large was withdrawn, Medium is now the larges. All a bit confusing, really.

Anyway. My previous review of a regular Lily showed that you can actually fit a decent amount into her, even though she's actually not all that big. However, if you need any more than a purse, phone, tissues and a small notebook, you'd quickly reach the limit. 

The medium Lily is a much more practical sized bag and being available currently from Mulberry in a variety of leathers and colours, probably worth a consideration if you like the style and are looking for a daytime bag.

The Large Lily was discontinued but is of a very similar size as the Medium and since I happened to have one here, I had a little play with her.

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