Thursday, December 01, 2016

Why You Must Read The Pinned Post

I get it. Reading the Pinned Post is a pain.  Wading through the rules and understanding what makes a Facebook group tick can feel like a bit of work.  But I promise you: get this bit right and you will make your life much easier.  And more importantly: you will make the residing admins love you and add you to their Christmas card list.                    (*slight exaggeration, no guarantees.)

So what happens if you don't? 

Well, for one thing your post might either get deleted or not get approved in the first place. Why? Take a look...

So my top tips:
  • Don't forget pics of the features inside the bag: Mulberry imprint, front and back of fob, front and back of made in label. Have a look here for some good examples.
  • Very few Mulberry bags have no "made in" label. Can't find one? Search for it. Still nothing? Search again. They like to hide in inside pockets, nooks and crannies. If there's just a leather tab instead of a label, include a pic of that instead.
  • Don't forget to mention whether the bag comes from a smoke or pet free home. It's fine if it doesn't but you must disclose this. Either way, mention it. 
  • Want pricing advice? PM admin.
  • No "any interest in my bag?" posts. Thinking of selling? Do a sales post.
  • Read my post on selling on Mulberry Facebook Groups for more tips!

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