Sunday, June 04, 2017

Flying visit at Cheshire Oaks

Today might have been my most productive and, at the same time, unproductive visit at Cheshire Oaks. Productive because I picked up some goodies for other people and walked out with three (!) massive bags (oh, and a "little" something fore me). Unproductive because the whole process of sorting out the lovely ladies with their goodies didn't leave me much time for pictures - nevermind prices.

To top it off, I popped back in to answer a couple of price questions and little M (who had been so patient and good) promptly banged his head on the corner of a glass shelf. Queue tears and screams - and lots of guilty Mama cuddles! His head is fine, by the way. And we both discovered "Build a Bear".

Anyway, here it goes...

Tempted: Maple in burgundy
Surprised by: little purses on chains - hadn't seen them before (see last pic)
Bargain: Caras - Mini Quilted £495, Regular Oxblood Rivet £795!

Regular Rivet £695

Arundel Tote
various £350
Bayswater Double Zip Tote
Small Hibiscus £795, Scarlet £895

Blossom Tote
various £229

Mini Quilted £495
Regular Oxblood Rivet £795


Kite Tote
Regular £565
Small £485

Mini Aqua £199

Navy £695
Burgundy £625

Small Bayswater Satchel
Aqua, Fiery Spritz £590
Powder £680

Small Black £810

Aqua long locked purse £205
Locked bracelet £85

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