Monday, September 05, 2005

No excuses

I know - I haven't written for ages!

And there would have been so much to write about...

In July/August I went on a holiday:
First we went to Budapest where we watched F1 and wandered around the beautiful city, then Vienna (also gorgeous, if a bit too pristine) and last but not least we spent some time at my parents where we went on some walks and stuff.

This alone could have filled pages...

But not enough, last weekend I went to my 10 year Abitur (German A-levels/highschool) reunion. 10 years - blimey! It was really nice, if a bit weird, to see everybody after such a long time. Most of them I really hadn't seen since 1995.
Watching a medley of (now digitized) videos that documented various excursions and school trips, made me realize how much I have grown up and changed (did I really ever think that a perm is a good idea?).
Seeing how many of them were married and hearing some of the girls talk about their kids made me realize how little I had grown up.
So right now I'm feeling ... just right. :)

btw: Should anyone actually read this: I will try and keep more up to date with writing in future - especially if there is something to write about!

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  1. I am reading your blog. It is infreq


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