Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Most Mulberry Of All

Mulberry have done lots of bags, many of which  are well known.  Some could be called iconic, such as the Alexa, the Roxette or the Cara but none is as closely linked to the brand as the Bayswater. The shape, the flap closure, the postman's lock; even people who don't really know their handbags will instantly recognise her as a Mulberry.

My Mulberry Bayswater has forever been waiting for her curtain call. For some reason I kept ignoring her - at least as far as filming a review goes. (Maybe because I know that she'll stay put, whilst others that I reviewed were moved on fairly quickly.) I've not actually used her that much, simply because I haven't needed a formal bag that holds that much stuff. I also, up until very recently, had a 15 minute walk from the trainstation to my office, and didn't fancy lugging a fairly heavy bag around. I'm now in a new job, where I hop on a tram for most of the way from trainstation to office, so think she'll get more chance to be taken out.

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