Thursday, July 14, 2016

If Mulberry Did Schoolbags

I love satchels. There is something effortless and a bit tongue in cheek about the, Kinda like "I could be in school - I'm obviously not - but if I was, this is what I would carry!". Quite often though, they are a bit big and butch for me - mainly because they are often created for men. 

The Mulberry Tillie Satchel has "stolen" classic satchel elements, shrunk the proportions a bit and added a few tweaks of its own. Instantly recognisable by the mock buckles it is one of those really versatile and practical styles that you can use for work and play alike.

Well, if you carry about as much as I do... Have a look!

If you like the Tillie range, have a look at my review for the Tillie Hobo!

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