Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dinky Boybag

The small Mulberry Antony is one of those styles that is understated, yet unmistakably Mulberry. Whilst the larger Antony looks a bit big on me - and actually holds more than I needed it to hold, the smaller size feels just right. I have owned a few over the past years: usually bought one, briefly used it, moved it on, missed it - bought another one...

But why? Why didn't I just keep it? I always loved the style, how it looked and the idea behind it: rugged, substantial but compact. So what works and what doesn't work for me? Find out!


  1. Totally love my Antony!! I have the large in ginger, which works perfectly for my 5ft 9ins size 14 frame. Your reviews on both the large and small were brilliant (as always!) and very useful if thinking of buying one ��

    1. Ooops! Question marks should read as hearts emoji x

    2. :) Thanks! I still love it, though I find my Mini Alexa much easier to use...


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