Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4 Print Dresses

As I've been relying so heavily on the 'printed skirt and a top combo', I decided to set a few challenges and theme my weeks. 
Last week was 'printed dress week'. 

The first two I reached for are firm favourites but I hadn't worn dress number one for quite a while.
Dress number three has never been worn, though I've had it in my wardrobe for a couple of months.
And dress four was *that* close to being chucked/donated but has now clawed its way back into my list of go-tos!

Oh, and I just noticed: all items from Boden, Zara and Topshop. Time to branch out?

Not worn this dress in aaages! Alas, I had forgotten it was the "team away day", which included bowling. Thanks to its stretchiness the dress played ball - though I was utterly useless. I might have even ended up with the lowest score in the team. Will be tallying up later! 
Dress: Boden 
Boots: Zara
PS: I had the second lowest score. Saved by somebody with a distinctly Disney-themed name.

Old dress, new boots! 
Dress: Boden 
Boots: Zara

New pinstripes! This dress has some seriously flattering rouching going on that magically gives me the hint of a waist! 
Dress & boots: Zara

Last of my week of printed dresses - this was actually intentionally to get me think about what I have in my wardrobe! I was almost going to chuck this one, as it's a bit snuck and wrinkles easily but had 4 people compliment on it. Can't be that bad. :) 
Dress: Topshop 
Necklace & boots:Zara

Next week's post: No prints - at all! Eeek!

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