Thursday, March 30, 2006


I can't believe I managed to write for so long - even if not that regularly - without even mentioning how obsessed I can get with clothes... shoes... fashion in general basically. I don't think a day goes by without me cooing or squeeking (apparently not a particularly nice sound) over something I see on tv or in one of my 4.000.000 magazines I buy every month. I'm sure some people call me shallow for that, but I'd rather see myself as someone who loves beautiful things - it's all art, really.

Anyway, I now need a fabulous pair of shoes to go with my lovely dress and I have a few favourites. I considered briefly posting the links to those on here but then decided against it because - hah! - what happens if anyone reads this (does anyone read this?) and falls in love with the same pair of heels that I want? And what if they have the same size and snap up the last pair?!
A dilemma best avoided!

However, I have one fab shoe-site, which I am prepared to share: shoewawa. It's a blog-thingie just about shoes and contains such features as Ask Ms Shoewawa, High Street vs Designer and Ugly Shoes.

It's just again one of those things where you got to think "If only I would have thought of that first!"

Well ok, maybe just me then.

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