Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wedding Plans

So my little brother is getting married. Well, he's not really that little anymore, he will be turning 27 in August, but he'll always be my little brother.

It's weird - I don't actually know whether I ever want to get married or not but I always assumed that if I'd get married, I'd do it before my brother. So if I wait until I'm 45 and then decide to get hitched he'll wait until then and get married after me. All a bit daft, huh?

Anyway, it should make my parents happy, because, let's face it, although they haven't really been asking for grandchildren constantly they're bound to expect them pretty soon. My brother and his lovely girlfriend (sorry, fiance) should now be taking care of this. Not that I think it'll happen too soon but certainly sooner than it would happen with me. Scary accidents excluded.

Anyway, I went into town last weekend with a friend and thought I'd have a look for an appropriately stylish wedding outfit.

(See, how I manage to turn a conversation that could so easily become serious and not superficial into something shallow and bla! You could say it's a gift.)

I expected him to lose the will to live after the first girly shop but he proved quite useful when he (!) picked out a rather nice dress.
Karen Millen.
I tried it on.
It fitted.
I liked it.
He confirmed the fact that it fitted and that it was nice.
I bought it.
...And a jacket.

Bad girl!

Although I had been moving away slightly from the 100% TopShop look and veered more towards River Island and the odd designer piece, I hadn't quite put myself into the Karen Millen box yet since I always thought of this label as "very nice, but very grown up" - which I'm not.

And when I paid for the dress it kinda dawned on me that either I was more grown-up than I thought I was or that Karen Millen had suddenly turned hip.

I choose to go with the second option.
But the jury is still out on whether I am ever seriously gonna try to wear leggings (or rather footless tights) and a mini skirt.

We will have to see...

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