Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally coming to a browser near you...

A couple of years ago I came across some stunning shots in a German magazine.

Think 1940's inspired dresses, figure hugging cuts, gorgeous prints. There were  couple of dresses that immediately landed in my "cut out and keep" pile.

A few weeks later, when I actually had the time to go through said cut outs, I noticed that in the past months I had collected about five images from a label called Hoss Intropia. They were mostly dresses, distinctly elegant yet a little quirky.

An online search lead me to a very nicely done homepage and I learned that the brand had been going since 1994. Their quote
At Hoss Intropia we believe that the main role of fashion 
is to help every woman be herself.

spoke to me in particular.

---Yes, I love fashion and I also do think of it as art but I also believe that there is a distinct difference between what I see on the catwalk or something that I might wear for fun on a particularly brave day,  and what I need in my wardrobe for day to day feelgood dressing. And that means feeling like I'm wearing "my" clothes and not somebody else's.---

However, the site also revealed no stockist nearby, only three stores in London (Regent Street, Sloane Square and Covent Garden) and no online store.

No major results on Ebay. Some last season lines on yoox. Nothing in Germany either. Sigh.

My next trip to London featured a specifically planned Hoss Intropia visit.  Literally within two steps into the shop, I spotted a dress - and fell in love:

Needless to say, I didn't leave the store without it.

I think it is from the SS11 range and I still love it as much as when I bought it. Possibly even more as it has perked up many gloomy days for me.

Anyway, I have since purchased a couple more items - alas all during trips to that London.

The reason why I am writing now is that, during my last trip to the Regent Street's store, I overheard staff talking about their new online store. And now Hoss Intropia have officially announced the imminent launch of said eShop. How exciting is that?! (If you sign up now, you can even win a £1000 shopping spree! - needless to say, I've done that.)

I can't wait - and if you can't either, here is a little taster...

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