Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Magical Kinder Aggugini

I was lucky enough to attend Kinder Aggugini's AW12 show as part of London Fashion Week.

I have to admit, some lines were really not my cup of tea (not a big fan of those coats that swamped the incredible fragile models' frames) but towards the end I was salivating over the beautiful dark blue and gold lace dresses...

 ...and the pair of evening gowns that seemed to be crafted out of a wool felt. Juxtaposing an earthy, coarse-ish material with such an elegant style was just brilliant.

Anyway, fashion insiders will have known for some time but I only just came across the fact that that Aggugini has designed the costumes for English National Ballet's The Rite of Spring. So far I could only find one sketch and it makes me want to see more. 

There is certainly some of the magic of the dark blue and gold lace dresses in there but it also conveys strength and agility.
Interesting also that wearability is something that comes up regularly when catwalk fashion is discussed. They won't just wear it, they'll dance in it!

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