Tuesday, April 14, 2015

With a Little Help from SAMORGA

The Mulberry Alexa is notoriously slouchy - in fact, that's why so many people like it. It gives it this real boho/rock chick/ask if I care feel and means it's a bag that takes you from work to play effortlessly. However, it also means that if it's not very full, it's rather like a fabric bag and your items tumble all over each other. 

This is were the lovely people from SAMORGA come in. Their bag inserts do not only provide different pockets for all your bits and bobs but the fairly rigid felt they are made from, give your bag structure and rigidity. So, with much further ado, here a video on receiving my SAMORGA insert for my Mulberry Alexa and having a first play.


  1. Been debating whether to get myself a Samorga for my Alexa, definitely think i'm going to have to now. Thanks for the lovely post and video! Sarah x http://berrysmiles.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the nice feedback! Definitely a personal taste thing: some might prefer their Alexa a bit more slouchy but I really like it with the insert now! :)


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