Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Handbags

In Germany the main Christmas "event" happens on 24th December in the evening. That's when the whole family gets together, the Weihnachtsmann or the Christkind bring presents, some people go to church... So, I will be with my family tonight and thought I'd just post you all some warm Christmas wishes, links to my top 5 handbag posts - and some pretty bag shots...

Top 5

5. Tea and Bags - An interview with one of my handbag gurus, the lovely Aqila of Papillonkia.
4. Real or Fake - How to find out whether that designer handbag is the real deal.
3. Buying preloved Mulberry on Facebook - Where to find some Mulberry for a fraction of the usual price.
2. New Mulberry at discounted prices - Where to find that new Mulberry bag for less than the RRP. 
1. With a little help from SAMORGA - Introduce your Alexa to some structure.

And now the gratuitous bag pics, as promised!

 My two most used bags: Mulberry Alexa and Alexa Mini

 Just love this shot of the Mulberry Kelly in Teak Nile Leather

Some little and large shots with Mulberry Bayswater, Ledbury, del Rey, small del Rey, Alexa, Alexa Mini, Roxanne and Blenheim.

And one of my most treasured bags: my medium Mulberry Kelly.

Have a fabulous Christmas - or if you're not celebrating Christmas but maybe having a few days off, have a lovely holiday!

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