Monday, December 14, 2015

Covet Monday - On The Hunt For My Nomad

As you might know, I moved from my Personal Filofax into a Field Note sized Naked Cow Fauxdori around 2 months ago. More recently than that, I changed my "system" and now loosely follow a Bullet Journal style, in which I am about to finish my first insert. 

I still really like the size and it was perfect to start off as it is not only utterly portable but also completely undaunting for somebody who hasn't really written much of a diary or journal before. No big scary expanse of paper. I now think though that I'd like a larger format to house my longer term collection and also to add an insert for my to dos and work notes as I am about to start a new job. I know, I'm really just justifying acquiring a regular size cover but given that it's a big birthday soon and Mr G. wants to get me something special, I think that's quite alright?

I was dithering between the Gillio Giramondo, a Pelledori (both of which I discovered a while ago) and a Van der Spek Nomad. The fact that you can fully customize this cover finally pushed me towards the Nomad and I am now in the process of selecting a suitable leather with the help of Petra Van der Spek.

Custom Made Nomad
As I am such a sucker for printed leather, my hope is to find a piece of black croco. Fingers crossed and watch this space!

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