Thursday, March 31, 2016

Planner Update - I'm a Bullet Journal Convert

I've been meaning forever to give an update on my planner

So I had moved into my NakedCow Fauxdori, using self-printed inserts from DIY Fish. I loved the small format and the portability that came with it. I really enjoyed many aspects of the inserts but others simply didn't work for me. The main issue I found was that on some days I had way too much space and on others, even though the layout was the same, I had not enough to write to fill the pages. I needed a more flexible layout.

That's when I came across the concept of the Bullet Journal. I'm not going explain what exactly it is or how it works, as the inventor Ryder Carroll does it so much better but I'm just going to say that it is totally customisable and ultimately can be whatever you want it to be. I am also going to give you a quick flick through of my first two months on this system. Ok, so I started in November. Yes, it took me rather a while to write this up. But I am still doing it!

The Cover is from Naked Cow
The inserts are from Clairefontaine
The pen is a Pilot Coleto, some parts bought on eBay, some on Amazon

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