Thursday, September 01, 2016

Ledbury Revisited

Mulberry Ledbury in Oak Printed NVT

Can you believe that it's well over a year ago when I converted my Ledbury and shared the video on my blog?! 
Well, chances are you either haven't been following me for that long or you actually have a life and you're thinking "so what?" right now.

Just in case you do think "blimey!" and "I was wondering how she was getting on with that bag" - here an update!

And as promised in the video, here a couple of shots showing the wear in detail.

Where the clamp has shifted a bit over the time:
Movement of retro-fitted clamp on my Mulberry Ledbury

Here you can see where the clamp rubs against the inking...
Retro-fitted clamp rubbing against inking

 ...and here you see how the inking has worn:
worn inking after a year

Have you converted or customised any of your bags? Would love to see what you've done!

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