Thursday, September 22, 2016

Royal Mulberry

I had never seen this style of Mulberry before: a Henley. Granted, you look at it now and might think 'it looks a bit dated' - but does it really? Imagine if that style had been picked instead of the Bayswater to be re-born every season in new leathers and new finishes. The practicality should have ensured longevity. But instead it kind of disappeared into obscurity. Which is a real shame as it is a lovely and truly usable bag!

And talking about useable - let's have a look what we can fit in!


  1. This is beautiful - really classy! I bought a Mini Cara's so beautiful!! Lauren -

    1. Classy and practical! :) Love the Mini Cara - ended up getting the regular but still love the idea of a mini...


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