Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ultimate Mum Bag

Confession time: I've got a few pretty designer bags. (Yes, mainly Mulberry.) And I promise, I do use most of them regularly. But, when it comes to days out with the little one or running errands at the weekend, I tend to go for something non-designer, non-precious, non-leather.

I've had a Longchamp LePliage with long handles for a few years. I really like how hardwearing it is but I miss a long strap that allows me to carry it cross body. I also don't like that it neither has an outside pocket, nor any large enough inside pockets that mean I am not putting my Mulberry purse at risk from the dreaded sticky kiddie drink/snacks/wet wipes. (No, I do not move in and out of a purse, according to which bag I'm carrying).

Longchamp Hobo in teal

So when I saw this Longchamp Hobo at their Bicester Village's outlet, I pounced. I think it was advertised at £100 but they had a discount on that day, so I only paid around £70. They had about 8 different colours in stock and my favourite was this teal. 

So: outside pocket for kiddie drink? Tick. 
Inside pocket large enough to hold (and protect) my purse? Tick. 
Long, adjustable strap to wear bag cross body? Bingo!

Have a look what fits in!

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