Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zip Up And Go

My Multizip pouch has got to be my most used Mulberry item: zips give easy access to four smaller and one bigger compartments. 

I use it every day during my working week to carry pens, washi, stickers, page flags, cables, tampons, lipcream and various bits of paper. When I fly with little M, it will hold our passports, mobile phones (yes, he has an old iPhone to play on - just on flights though!), tablets, headphones and other bits and bobs. 

I could go on but will instead let you watch me load it up for various occasions!

By the way, in regards to care for the leather, I just sprayed it with Collonil before I started using it and though it's not being babied, there are no stains or scrapes on it.


  1. Love love love this! Any idea where I could get my hands on one? xx

    1. I got mine at the Cheshire Oaks outlet, but that was a few months ago, when they regularly re-stocked all three colours. Might be worth phoning around (details about outlets on to see if they still have them.
      Alternatively try one of the facebook groups, they do pop up every now and then:


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