Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Uniform Dressing: The Cropped Sweatshirt

I like effortless style. Getting dressed in the morning without having to think about it too much is more of a necessity than a choice when you have a toddler to get ready as well, yet try to eek out every last minute in bed.

I usually settle on a specific way of getting dressed. For example, once winter really hits, I'll be putting on a pair of black opaque tights, knee-high black boots, a black long sleeve top and simply throw over a tunic or dress. Done!

Still in a more transitional mood, my current favourite "uniform" has got to be a slim/pencil skirt paired with a slightly cropped and looser top. I think this is great for work as the skirt makes it look formal, the silhouette works flat shoes and the more informal top gives it a bit of a relaxed edge.

I am slightly obsessed with cropped and boxy sweatshirts and tops at the moment and have ordered some and others still on my radar.

LaRedoute Cropped Sweater in Grey £29

Also available in black, I have ordered this sweater in both colours. The texture/fabric is pretty much like felt and I am not sure how it'll fare being washed but I love the shape and the fact that I can layer it. Do bear in mind that it attracts fluff and black shows every tiny fleck.

A pretty fluffy and warm knit, one for the colder days. Again, I'll be layering this with a thin long sleeve top. I love the subtle bell-shape on the sleeve and the slightly abstracted check pattern.

Boden Raglan Printed Sweatshirt £49

I adore the whimsy pattern (yes, it is Boden after all) of this top and the shape would look great with jeans as well as skirts.

H&M Embroidered Sweatshirt £29.99

A similar colour combo but with embroidery and cute volume cuffs. I love the folklore vibe. 

Do you have a go-to style or combination for getting dressed in the morning?

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