Thursday, October 15, 2015

Go East West

You might know that one of my favourite go-to bags is my Ledbury - especially since I managed to add a long strap that allows me to carry her cross-body. She does have rather short straps though, so if you like carrying your bag on your shoulder you might struggle.
Enter the Mulberry East West Bayswater: with the same height and just a tad wider, her handles are a fair bit longer, yet she is much more little-Ledbury than  big-Bayswater sized.

So before I come to the full review just a quick comparison:

Height 28cm
Width 37cm
Depth 17cm
Handle Drop 14cm
Weight 1400g

East West Bayswater
Height 20cm
Width 33cm
Depth 17cm
Handle Drop 18cm
Weight 900g

Height 20cm
Width 27cm
Depth 14cm
Handle Drop 11cm
Weight 750g 

All based on items in picture. I know that they can vary, especially weight (depending on leather) and handle drop. 

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