Monday, November 30, 2015

Covet Monday - Focus

If you've seen a number of my weekly outfit roundups you will probably have noticed the nice soft filter I have applied to my photos. Only that it isn't a filter. It'll either be the dust that has settled on the only large-ish mirror in the house or simply the fact that I am taking all pictures with my iPhone6 camera.

Don't get me wrong: mobile phone, or rather, smartphone cameras, have come a long way. Long gone is the 1.3 (?) MP of my iPhone3G. The newer iPhones have 8 MP and can create some seriously good pictures. And the advantage is, of course, that it's so easy: you always have your phone with you, you can instantly use the picture for social media updates and if you want, you can edit them really easily with various apps that are available. I don't really edit but I do use Pic Stitch to combine a number of images into one, especially for the aforementioned outfit pics.

The above mentioned fuzzy-ness mainly manifests itself in low-light situations and I decided it's time for a "proper" camera. I have to add here that I have no idea about cameras but my wishlist contained the following:
  • compact and light
  • decent image quality
  • flip-able screen
  • remote shutter release
  • not too expensive (had no idea, really, but thought no more than £300)

So after doing a bit of googling and chatting to a colleague of mine, who does know cameras, I rather liked the Sony a5000.  Available from £250 and ticking all the right boxes, I was pretty much sold. And then Black Friday happened and the Sony a5100 was reduced to £279 (even the white one!), so I pounced!

The little box got delivered this morning and so far I am really impressed: nice size and weight, it just "feels" like quality. Well, that's pretty much all I can say right now as I've not had the chance yet to play. So really, my "covet" this week is more of a "I wish I knew how to use it".

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